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Accoding to World Youth and Student Educational Travel Confederation talker John Solomon, Generation Y are known as millennials, who are the diverse, most prima, educated and powerful shoppers on the Earth. Young people today take an active involvement in explore life-seeing and yearn to hold an enriching travel experience. They are tomorrow ‘s leisure, honeymoon, household and concern travellers. Young travellers are playing the function as touristry taste-makers and frontiers. Therefore, youth touristry is a possible quickly turning market to the travel industry.

Young travellers are major generator of travel merchandise and service demand. Travel bureaus have to be antiphonal and react efficaciously to this emerging market. Travel bureaus are the intermediary that connected supply to demand, accessing the consumers to the merchandises of the other sectors of touristry. Travel bureaus offer and provide a comprehensive travel merchandises and services with the proper counsel that fulfill clients ‘ enquiries and demands. For case, the travel merchandise and services include air fining services, transit agreement, escapade travel engagements, hotel and resort reserves services, touring bundles, sails services, and inclusive other diversion activities guide. The current popularity of young person traveling is taking many travel bureaus to re-assess and re-appraisal their market cleavage toward immature travellers. The paper review the research behavior on the factors influence the immature people buying determination towards travel merchandises and services offered by travel bureaus.

1.1 Problem Statement

Backpacker is typically referred to independent traveller or budget traveller. Youth backpacker tendency has going progressively popular in the touristry industry. Backpacker tendency has impinged on the determination of millennials to do peculiar purchase of travel bundle. Young people seeking a self-exploration, self-adventure, self-achievement, self-satisfaction travel offerings that move beyond the mainstream. Backpack travel has become a present life style to the young persons.

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Besides, immature people favor in going with a group of good friends in 3-8 individuals. Travel with members in a squad is an stimulating experience and gratifying memories. From the young persons ‘ point of view, it ‘s possibly better to form a travel journey as do-it-yourself ( DIY ) kit instead than a finished and clearly defined travel merchandises provided by travel bureaus. DIY self-organize travel circuit offers immature people an chances from which they can be after and set up their ain trips based on their desires and penchants. The pick of favourable travel adjustment, transit and finish are unbounded and illimitable, capable merely to restraints for the young person are travel cost, information beginnings, safety and perceive hazard. Experienced immature travellers prefer to entree the information via the cyberspace web site to be after their holiday meanwhile less experient travellers tend to trust on travel bureaus to roll up information.

1.2 Research Question

What are the factors that influenced the immature travellers ‘ purchase purpose of travel merchandises and services from travel bureaus.

What is the attitudes and perceptual experience of immature travellers ‘ purchasing determination.

What is the degree of satisfaction of immature travellers towards the travel merchandises and services.

How is the degree of consciousness of immature travellers toward the presence of travel bureaus in the market.

1.3 Research Aims

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the factors that influence immature travellers ‘ buying determinations towards travel merchandises and services provided by travel bureaus.

The specific aims are:

To understand the immature travellers ‘ attitudes and perceptual experiences regard the purchasing determinations.

To look into the satisfaction of immature travellers with the travel merchandises and services.

To prove the degree of consciousness of immature travellers toward the presence of travel bureaus in the market.

Chapter 2


2.1 Concept and Theory

2.1.1 Travel Buying Decision Process in Tourism

Figure 2.1.1 demonstrates that consumer behaviour is usually conceived as a procedure of phases. As portion of this attack the determination to travel is the engagement of some or all of the undermentioned phases. The get downing point is where a demand is recognized and the person is energized into going a possible client. The phase can be thought of as:

Need rousing ;

Recognition of the need-the prerequisite phase ;

Degree of involvement-amount of clip and attempt invested in the determination procedure, for illustration: grade of hunt for information ;

Designation of alternatives-brands that ab initio come to mind when sing a purchase are referred to as the elicited set. However, friends, store helpers, ware, cusps, advertizements, may supply a consideration measure.

Evaluation of alternatives-comparisons are made of the salient attributes based upon standards of the possible buyer ;

Decision-choice made ;

Purchase action ; and

Post-purchase behavior-the feelings an single experiences after the purchase. Quite frequently with of import purchases, such as abroad travel, the buyer will doubt the wisdom of their pick and have a demand for reassurance to what is known as disagreement or disequilibrium. This psychological province is reduced by the agencies of warrants or telephone aid lines to cover with questions. It is besides reduced by the welcome of person on their return from their trip or experience.

Consumer as Decision Maker

2.2 Literature Review

2.2.1 Relationship between Generation Y and engineering

The cyberspace is a main participant in the lives of immature people. Young people today are technologically savvy and advanced, they tend to engrossed in on-line purchase behaviours ( Lester, Forman & A ; Loyd, 2006 ) . The cost of seeking legion travel retail merchants is greatly reduced due to the available of Internet ( Brynjolfsson & A ; Smith, 2000 ) . It is evidenced that growingly state of affairs that immature travellers use the Internet to seek information and behavior dealing ( Litvin, Goldsmith & A ; Pan, 2008 ) . Therefore, the beginning information in the cyberspace reduced the committedness and attempt of Generation Y to seek and garner the travel information from offline travel bureaus.