Last updated: May 24, 2019
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The world is facing economics problems. Exportation and importation is a contemporary issue that some countries have been talking about. There is the belief that some global business are not fare and that the money value of other countries do not help it to make it better for everybody. An excellent example is the value of the Chinese Yuan versus American dollars.

Economists believe that the Chinese’s government is controlling and keeping their currency relatively low to get more economic advantages. This is one of the reason of why Chinese products are cheaper that the American products.For that reason leaders of this and more countries are debating to make china to stop controlling their currency.

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Which, it is not the only problem, because wall-mart, being one of the most powerful businesses around the world gets its products from China. If the Yuan value change to a real value will be a big problem for Wal-Mart and for the thousands of employees which are around the world. At the beginning it would produce a big economic problem but as the other companies began to grow, the economy could get better. I believe that is just marketing, because is know that Chinese products are cheap but does not last long.It is a new TV series called “Made in America” that is showing us that is possible to buy good and cheap things made in America; we just need to look for them.

I believe that this would help a lot the economy of the country. To conclude I will say that we do not have to change any country currency, we just need to value and buy what is made in our territory, even if you have to pay one more dollar for a product made in here, but you would know that you’re helping to create more jobs and probably it would last more than the inexpensive product.