Last updated: July 13, 2019
Topic: ArtBooks
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Theme #1- Things are not always what they seem. By this I mean that not everything is always as bad OR as good as it seems. This was pretty easy to point out when you first read about Alex thinking that Desmon is only a recovering millionaire but once you continue reading, you learn that he was actually going to start a plague for the money. This is important because it was one of the main events in the book. It is important to identify the ones who are on your side and who’s not.. but you did not see it coming with Desmon, that’s why it was a main event. One quote to support this is when Alex says, “You can’t defeat your enemies until you know who they are.” Another quote would be, “When you are rich, people treat you with respect, so you can do what you want.” this one is important because it shows that Desmon thinks he can do anything because he is rich and people currently respect him. Theme #2- Not everything can be gained from just riches and wealth. This one almost goes along with the first one but takes a slightly different turn. Money is a topic that is brought up a lot throughout the topic so it would make sense that there is another theme that relates to it. The villian in the story seems to think that his money will get him anywhere and he needs more of it to be more powerful and more respected. That is not always the case. At the end of the book, his need for money ultimately destroys his life. This is a good example of why and how money can’t buy everything. Theme #3- Bravery. This novel is big on bravery. The theme has occurred throughout many of the books and is essential since it is an action-packed read. It is easy to point out right at the beginning just bases of sheer descriptions. Alex is super brave already for being a government agent already when he is so young and for him to take on so many missions at once is more than impressive. This theme is important because without the characters showing their true brave colors throughout the book, it would be boring and very slow. It just would not be an action book. Quotes that I would use to go alone with this would be, “Are you planning to attack me?” “I must go” and “Now is the only time”. I choose these because they are some quotes that showcase the bravery and ambitiousness to help.