The three sociological theoretical positions of race and ethnicity are the functionalist. struggle. and labeling positions. The functionalist position is the position that shows how parts of society work in a structured mode to maintain the endurance of a society. The belief is that if a certain portion does non lend to society’s endurance in an effectual mode that it will non travel signifier one coevals to the following. ( Schaefer.

2006 ) .The struggle position is the position that society thrives on the struggle and battles between societal groups that compete against one another. The battles and disputes chiefly pertain to the dominant groups against the subsidiary groups. ( Schaefer.

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2006 ) . The concluding position is the labeling position which is the position that shows why one person’s answerability can be different from another individual even though they are prosecuting in the same behaviours. ( Schaefer. 2006 ) . The three positions are all rather different in their theories.The labeling perspective stereotypes a group by gender. faith.

race. or cultural group alternatively of the existent behaviour that takes topographic point. For case two people commit the same offense but one is affluent and white and the other is hapless and African American. The affluent white individual is to be given another opportunity based on their position and the dominant group that they belong to. The African American should be punished based on their position and the subsidiary group they belong to.

The struggle position is manner more utmost than the functionalist and labeling positions.In the struggle perspective the dominant and low-level groups are in a changeless conflict for power. The dominant group ignores and exploits the minority groups and continually will be able to acquire away with making so because of the position of the dominant group versus the position of the minority group. The functionalist position is non every bit utmost as the struggle position and wants to understand why certain maps and systems continue in malice of resistance.The functionalist perspectives seem to hold the theory that if one group does non lend to society’s endurance that they will non continue to transport on to the following coevals. Functionalists do believe that some negative can be positive such as favoritism between races and cultural groups. However these disfunctions can do struggle and instability in a set society.

( Schaefer. 2006 ) . The minorities in the labeling position seem to be stereotyped and discriminated against. The dominant group has the upper manus and will persist when struggle arises because of their societal position. racial and cultural group.These certain groups that are being discriminated against may lose out on take parting in certain events.

activities. or occupations. These negative stereotypes can finally take to the societal norm and can hold a negative consequence on society as a whole. The dominant group establishes excessively much power and that their stereotyping in correct and valid so they will continue to make it. ( Schaefer. 2006 ) . The minorities in the struggle position become neglected and exploited by the dominant group.They are left contending for certain societal.

political. and economical powers that they do non hold but the dominant group has control of. The dominant group has power and control over certain political. economical.

and societal facets and of more importance than the minority group and their subordiation is ignored by society. ( Schaefer. 2006 ) . The minorities in the functionalist position will non go on into the following coevalss if they can non lend to society’s endurance in an effectual mode.Harmonizing to this position that is how it should run nevertheless there are still plenty of minorities and racial favoritism that still occurs.

The dominant group can last even though there is still discrimination even if it is negative because the belief is that the negative and can be a positive for both the minority and the dominant groups. The dominant groups believe they are non responsible for jobs faced by the minorities and they besides will non let minorities to oppugn their ain position because that would be oppugning society itself.However these disfunctions can do discord between categories and minorities every bit good as tenseness.

differences and disrupts the peace of society. In theory all of these positions can maintain the minorities from accomplishing perchance high position. occupations. or regard because they have been considered inferior for so long. ( Schaefer. 2006 ) .

References Schaefer. R. T. ( 2006 ) . Racial and Cultural Groups: Understanding Race and Ethnicity. Prentice-Hall: Pearson Education Inc.