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There has been a great
challenge of bilingual education for the last few years from the assimilation
activists, “English First”, and also the numerous angry Latino parents. They
have all argued that bilingual education has failed and their complains have
been overlooked and ignored by the school officials. Some of the organizations
such as “English First” and “U.S English” are likely to be misguided and can
equate multiculturalism with ethnic separation and they fear the possibility of
discouragement of assimilation by the bilingual education. However, bilingual
education has several advantages as discussed below.

Comprehensible inputs.
This theory is among the greatest supporting factor of bilingual education. The
theory states that for the new information to be learned by the person it must
be taught in a language which must be understood. Many of those interviewed
have supported the idea of bilingual education and argue that it provides
background knowledge and also the principles of bilingual education.

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Literacy is also a
great virtue of bilingual education. Developing literacy in the first language
can help to develop literacy in a foreign language. It’s easier to read a
language which one understands and then transferring the knowledge to the other
language. The skills obtained in learning the first language can act as a
foundation in understanding the second language. Several reports have also
shown that the students’ performance and literacy in the first language can
help predicting his achievement in the second language.

Finally, is has been
understood that a student cannot get any comprehensible input by learning new
information in a language he does not understand. The students will require
getting instructions from the teacher in his native language in order to gain
knowledge. An example is a LEP student who learned history in his native
language and easily understood history taught in English since he has background