There are various ways in which the LHRC can promote the
theme park prior to its opening. But the most critical factors to be considered
in order to ensure the success of the venture are firstly, the creation of a
strong brand image of the theme park, offering unlimited entertainment for the
entire family, and secondly, reaching out to the targeted audience and build a
brand loyalty to ensure continual success in the future.


5.     Conclusion

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There will be a soft opening of the theme park and guided tours will be
given to select targeted market segments proposed to capitalise on word of
mouth marketing. This will give visitors a sneak peek into the full blown
experience upon the opening of the theme park.

LHRC will ensure that the packages are offered specifically designed to meet
the needs of the visitors and they are encouraged to bring friends and family
by being offered additional discounts. Newpapers, Television advertisements and
Social media will be used to promote the theme park 6 months prior to its
opening, by keeping the prospective visitors intrigued and excited.

4.1.4 Promotion

The location of the entertainment
site will be easily accessible connected to the highway, travel distance kept
minimal and traffic congestions under control. Other factors like weather,
environmental conditions etc will be taken into consideration as well and visitors
will be advised timely on the website.


4.1.3 Place



The proposed pricing for the
segments is 1) pricing for couples at £50 for a day pass, 2) Unlimited rides
for a family with children younger than 12 years, priced separately for adults
and children at £35 per day for adult and £30 per day for children,  3) price of kiddie meals and adult meals can
be availed by purchasing food vouchers online at 20% discount or can be
purchased on site at 0% discount, 4) hotel accommodations will be offered at
25% discount on weekdays and at a special family package on weekends. The
prices mentioned are estimated prices only, based on travel blogs and guide
(Gill and Watts, 2012).

In the UK, families with children
aged less than 12 have generally less disposable income for holidays, therefore
that segment will be offered a lucrative package with discounts particularly for
families with younger children.


4.1.2 Price

The marketing strategy will
enable the theme park to focus on the market by offering an unparalleled
quality of service and product, and an experience to cherish forever. The
packages will be in accordance with the two market segments. The entire
experience will be marketed as safe, enjoyable and hassle free for the entire
family. This will encourage the visitors to keep coming back for more in the
future thus guaranteeing ongoing revenues.


4.1.1 Product


 Target Market No.

New Market Segment





With Children