Last updated: August 6, 2019
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There are many
advantages of work life balance in terms of employees, employers and business. Introducing
a good employment policies that encourage a healthier work/life balance for
your employees can bring real benefits to your business as well as it’s
employers and employees.


Work-life balance advantages: (Employees)

A good work-life balance can enable employees to
feel more
in control of their working life
and lead to do more productive work that is important for their career as well
as the business where they are working





Of course a good work-life balance will
encourage the employees of the organization. As they become motivated and have
a good work life balance, employees productivity level will increase which is
good for their own career and their business where they are working.



A well provide work life balance
supports to balance his or her work and family life well. So, it will prevent
absenteeism of employees. As it prevent the absenteeism of employees their work
performance get better.


happier, less stressed workforce

All employees desire a happy, less
stressed work life. A good work life can provide all employees a happier less
stressed workforce. And it also reduce the stress disease like frequently headache,
diabetics etc


employee loyalty, commitment and motivation

If an organization gives a proper and a
healthy work life balance to their employees, the employees become loyal to
their organization. If they are loyal, the commitment level will be high and
motivation also.


Better Time Management
By being able to report to work certain hours of the day where employees are
more productive, they will be able to maximize their performance and finish
their tasks on time. This will give them more time to start other tasks that
need to be done later in the week. Also, if members of the team will be given
longer hours of work in return for three days off from work, they will be able
to organize their time and divide it among different tasks. For example, in a
10 hour shift, more work can be done and reports can also be turned in on the
same day instead of the next day. Flexible working hours allows employees to
manage their time well. So better time management is another advantage of a
proper well work-life balance that should be introduced in every company.