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There is nil incorrect in seeing industrial advancement. progressing developments. urbanisation. progressive alterations on monolithic structural buildings that mark the mark of a underdeveloped society. These rapid alterations in our natural landscapes into industrial sites hinted a great spring and obvious progressive revolution that may replace natural landscapes with unreal and machine generated buildings.

Forebodingly. the problem is yet to come. The one time fresh. cool and loosen uping air was despicably substituted with contaminated and toxicant gases that comes from auto fume emanations. fabrication works discharges and other causes that is highly harmful to human’s wellness. In fact. we don’t have to expansively look far to happen the perpetrators and function justness at their faces. They are all around us and at one clip we may happen ourselves awfully shamefaced when we tolerate the obvious devastation of our darling nature.

Some 3rd universe states around Asia like Philippines itself. Taiwan. Thailand. Beijing China. Singapore. HongKong. Tokyo Japan. Vietnam. and Brunei has the same job on all kinds of pollution. Some of these states like Hong Kong has been contending back on how to salvage and recycle used H2O into useable. safe imbibing H2O once more.

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It is grievously straitening to cognize that in the metropoliss there is no longer clean air to take a breath. Of class. air pollution is the atrocious byproduct in all urban colonies. Our one time clear and bluish sky now darkens with dust-covered smog and heavy dirt-loaded fog that proved to be unhealthy to the city’s dwellers. There are 1000000s of ways to easy foul the air yet there has been no solution on how to halt this tremendously destructive equivalent of advancement. Who’s traveling to pay in this peculiar and yet extremely abhorrent offense? Who is enduring most from this delusory trade name of freely exercised air devastation?

One of the obvious illustrations of stuffs that greatly contribute to air pollution were those fabricating workss that burn plastics. Those simple plastics from refreshment cups. sando bags. crystalline H2O bottles and Expandable Polystyrene ( EPS ) or better known as styropor causes excessively much pandemonium in the nature’s already imbalanced rhythm. Foolhardy combustion of these plastics in unfastened garbage dumps or on backyards emits harmful gas into the ambiance that when accumulated for a long clip would ensue into a nursery consequence.

Look what had become to the one time fresh and clean Waterss in the rivers. lakes. Brookss. bays. and shores. They are now filled with foul sludge and polluted family cesspits and gross unfastened drainage that flow into the rivers. Whenever there is rain. refuse floats on street canals and choke off the drainage that resulted into inundation. Floodwaters madly trouble everybody adding to the somberness of the universe that catastrophes may happen any minute that would jeopardize people’s lives. Is this the wages we wanted in exchange for industrial revolution?

Now what can we make to decrease these drastic environmental alterations? We. of all the earth’s species would be most affected by these conditions. Nowadays. climatic alterations has been obviously felt with those dismaying autumn of snow on comeuppances. those cold nor’-east monsoon air current blows to tropical parts. those harrying tsunamis and unexpected eruptions on the earth’s surface. the ceaseless implosion therapy and landslides all over the parts even with merely moderate rainfalls has greatly proven that such alterations in nature has warned us that the natural balance has been tipped to an dismaying grade. When do we get down to care? When do we get down to take notice that our lone universe is deceasing because of our grave mistreatment and rabid carelessness.

Over the century. human lifetime has greatly declined and incurable diseases break the surface with a terrorization world that nil can be done to handle this curse-like human frailties. The universe has been cloaked with different unwellness and myriad diseases that causes high mortality rate to humankind. Cancer. TB. hepatitis. AIDS. E-bola virus. furuncles. SARS. H1N1 and God knows what are the following worst pestilences that could lay waste to world with soiled mutant caused by these utmost instabilities in nature.

Are we traveling to allow this particular planet dice? Are we non traveling to seek to salvage mother Earth from absolute devastation and continue world? I love this fantastic planet so much and I will get down my run in salvaging this universe at this really minute. May those who are concerned about our universe would get down lovingness by making simple things like taking attention of family refuse. by minimising the usage of electricity to decrease excessively much release of heat energy. by believing twice on dumping soil on rivers. oceans and beaches. by fastening the Torahs in deforestation. and by pressing each and everyone to get down caring for our universe. for our ain lives and for the promise to the following coevals that they will still inherit a peaceable and fantastic universe when their bend to see the beauty of this planet comes.