This is a Native American shovel.

Actually, it’s a shoulder blade tied to a stick; regardless it was used just the way you think it might have been used. The first Americans used this in conjunction with bone pickaxes and rakes. Combined with weaved buckets, hide ropes, and wooden wedges, they could have been the world’s first real earth benders.3 to 4 centuries later, a man by the name of William Otis comes along. He revolutionized how railroad, tunnels, and just basic shoveling by combining the earth moving power of the shovel with the boiling brawn of the steam engine. Together, they made the steam shovel. These machines ‘moved mountains’, so to speak.

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Simply, they moved significantly more dirt than your conventional shovel. In fact, it’s said that the operating crews would even hold a contest to see who could shovel the most. They usually helped in mineral mining operations, but it wasn’t until they helped in the open-pit mines that shovels came to be popular. They could basically remove entire hillsides in a matter of days whereas if they tried to do the same with regular shovels; let’s just say that a new element would be found by the time they’d be done.Now we get to the shovel of tomorrow; the Minecraft shovel. Why ever would you want to go outside to mine when you could indulge in Mojang’s masterful creation! Granted, it is basically an advanced LEGO building simulator, but at least it’s fun and educational.

In fact, it taught me that you can dig past the bedrock, the Earth’s mantle along with both of the Earth’s cores all the way to China. It also taught me that you don’t have to rob Fort Knox to get 24-karat gold or a flawless, 2-pound diamond gem when you could just dig for it in your own backyard; after crafting your own shovel out of solid diamond first, of course. However, if you’re out of diamonds, you could always use your bare hands.