Last updated: August 8, 2019
Topic: ArtMusic
Sample donated:

This scene is an
example of long take shot when three-minute lateral tracking shot passes the
umbrella-holding peoples of Florina, a camera movement that is perfectly
combined with the repeating ringing of the city bells. The most exciting part
of this long take shot is when A sees a woman who is wandering in the streets
with curiosity. When A sees her, he shocked for a second, and starts following
her steps. This woman (Maia Morgenstern) is A’s beloved. He did not expect to
see her again suddenly, for a second he thought he was dreaming of her but she
is real. As he follows her A talking to her but she is not aware of him she
looks like she is looking for something as she walks through the streets. While
she is walking through the street, a group of torch holding people appear on
the corner of street. These people are against to A’s latest film and
protesting him with torches. With the gloomy music playing behind the scene, it
gives a horrific and also dramatic feeling to the audience. While a group of
people coming with the torches, a group of police officers make a barrier in
the half of the street. After polices, umbrella-wielding people come to the
street. The music, vision, lightning of the street creates a harmony itself.

Low-key lightning, the black umbrellas and the light of torches gives a
dramatic atmosphere to the scene. In the following scene, Angelopoulos confront
us with bright colored scene in the national border of Albania, the weather is
snowy and bright but we can feel the depression of Balkans.