Thomas J Essay, Research PaperU.S. History 1316/1/00Thomas JeffersonThe most influential individual in American history would be Thomas Jefferson.Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, became the first republican president,and began the ego betterment thought procedure by larning through traveling to school.Jefferson told people that cognition was the manner to going a better individual, and thatall Americans need to better on what they think, non by altering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hoursthemselves, but overall going a better individual through their ideas. He believedthat if a individual thought on his ain, and learned that they would go an improvedindividual and be more happy overall, conditions at place or at work.

Jefferson was large onreform and that was the biggest alteration in his presidential term over Washington? s.Washington set regulations and ordinances, Jefferson improved on them and made everythingbetter.Jefferson was a really of import individual in U.

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S. history. His first majorpart to our creative activity was that he developed and wrote the Declaration ofIndependence. He was really smart and originative, he said when he wrote the declaration? Iturned neither book nor booklet fixing the paper? ( Morris 102 ) . That shows howcreative he was by pulling up such a brilliant piece of composing under hardfortunes, after all he was composing a complete divorce paper from Britain to make anew state all on his ain, with merely John Adams revising it.

Twenty five old ages aftercomposing the Declaration of Independence to make the U.S. , Jefferson lead that state asits president. He was the first republican president that was traveling to alter the stateradically. He set out to do betterments on persons by learning them how tomake themselves better. His motivations were to self better all Americans so they couldexperience better about who they were. He was good liked and re-elected in 1804 for a 2ndterm in office.

Jefferson was really superb, he could talk really good act uponingpeopleto understand his political orientation about ego betterments and his ways of doing the U.S. abetter state.Thomas Jefferson? s impact on the U.S. would be the greatest of any Americanwho has of all time lived. Jefferson was wise and had abilities to make thoughts that wouldspread throughout the US and even over seas. His first creative activity was the Declaration ofIndependence which was sent to England to demo that the U.

S. was desiring to go aseparate entity of its female parent state. He besides became the President of the U.S. whichchanged the ways Americans idea. He showed them the grounds why they needed tolearn, and why we needed schools to learn kids so that they could be rationalwhen they grew up. He was superb and contributed to the U.S.

in many ways, withouthim we may hold different political orientations about several things, perchance even the manner wethink acquisition is important in going a better individual.If Jefferson ne’er lived so we may non hold had such success in separating fromBritain. Jefferson wrote sanely making the Declaration of Independence so it wasn? Texcessively violative, yet non excessively conservative so the British didn? t believe excessively much of one manneragainst America. Not excessively many others could hold worded the Declaration the mannerJefferson did, and if he did non Adams, who is a little more beastly than Jefferson, mayhold mucked things up in composing with his ain vigorous sentiments which could hold ledto bigger jobs. Jefferson gave people thoughts on how to go better and betteringthemselves, without him people may hold continued on with their life styles until now.We would be less intelligent, and perchance a small less eager to larn to do ourselvesbetter.

Thomas Jefferson contributed greatly to the creative activity of the US and gave manythoughts to the American populace on how to go a great individual like himself, without himmay hold been a calamity, sort of like a Shakespeare drama, everything is good in the U.S.but we would wholly be dumbfound without a small way such as Jefferson? s.