Have you ever been committed to so many people or have to take so many class for college, that you have to drop a class to make more room and be less stress out? There is a student that has the same problem and his name is Thomas Tsai. He move here from china when he was seven and he plan to major in business accounting. He has overcommitted himself with Five class which is Introduction to Accounting, History of Immigrants in California, Intermediate Math, Study Skills, and Introduction to Reading and Writing. He is also working at his parent book store for about ten to fifteen hours.As Advisor for the college, Thomas has come to me for assistance to ask what class he should drop.

I will suggest that he cut back some hour from work to focus on school but his parents need him to help around the book store. That leave him with one chose is to drop a class. I recommend that Thomas should drop his History of Immigrants in California because it is not a requirement to achieve his goal of majoring in Business accounting. I believe he should keep his Introduction to Accounting because it works toward his major. Nevertheless the class his a few disadvantage.The teacher is soft spoken so it can be hard to hear certain think. It hard for him to pay attention to the lecture, which can makes it hard to do homework.

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So to do his homework he has to look at his note and he has to look in the book which can be a time consuming. There is also lot of reading and homework involve which is time consuming. He can take this class later and not have class on Tuesday and Thursday. However, taking the class can show what his major can be like and if he should pursuit or change his major. He will need this class for his current major since this class is require classes for his major.He will have to sequence of accounting class and this is just the start because there is 4 class he has to take to gain the major he wants. This subject is interesting to him and he got a B on his most recent quiz which is good start to the class.

It help him focuses on his major early and to put his major efforts into his head so he can get a understanding. In conclusion he should not drop the class for it require for his major and he doing great in class. I also recommend he stay in Study Skills because it help support him in all his class which is require tor his major.

Down side is that he has two test and has homework ever week which can be really time consuming. This is not a requires course for his current major. However there are many upside to take the class. It help him with all his other class help with note talking and study skills thus the name of the class. With note talking it can help with taken note in his other classes.

There no paper due and the homework he turn in help him with schedule. the work in the class helps achieve their college goals like getting his degree in accouting. The units that are given in this class are count toward graduation.

He liked this class and when he like the class he does really good in the class. In Conclusion this class support all of his class including class he is have trouble in. I suggest he keep Introduction to Reading and Writing because most major now a day require reading and writing subject. Although there are many reason that he should not keep this class.

The class have a heavy work load to be done in this class. Most of the work load is the six paper, homework every day and weekly quiz he has to study for which can cause some time consuming which can effect work and other classes.Plus since Thomas wasn’t born here. English is not his first language so it can be hard for him to understand the subject. However there are many more reason to stay in class then just leave. English may not be his first language, but he stills enjoys to read and write about different topic.

He love the assignment that the teacher has been given like the one on over commitment worksheets which mean there can be other assignment like this one that he may like. This is also a require class to gradate with three other. He will still have to attend in the future, so he might as well start early then later.In conclusion he should take Introduction to Reading and Writing because he need it to graduate and if you don’t graduate you cannot get you degree in Business Accounting. The last class he should keep is intermediate Math because you need to do calculation to become a Business Accounting major. There are downsides to this class like the Introduction to reading and writing there is a lot of work to do in this class like math homework every day there a test every two weeks which is also time consuming. There is always lecture all the time which make him fall asleep in class which make it his least favor class to take.However, this class has some benefit like this class can help him with his major, which you need to know math if he plan to become a business accounting major.

If he need assist in this class he has two ways he can get help one is with his friend name Omar which Omar is better in math then Thomas and the other way is his teacher who has office hours he could go to. Thomas may think this class is not important to take but it is if he want to be a successful in his which require lot of math. The class he should drop is Chinese immigration to California which is not require for his major.There may be a few reason he may want to keep this class. First, this class comes every few years. Next, the teacher helps find patients and encourages student to do their best by help them out. Also there are two research paper for class that will help him write well. But there are some great reasons he should drop this class.

First, this class is not as important as all the other classes he is taking this semester because it does not force on his major. Even if the teacher is encouraging and patient, she is a hard teacher because she grades very strictly.There are two papers due in this class, which is really time consuming that can cause some problem with work and his other classes. He can use the time slot for other classes. in conclusion he should Drop the class because it a unrelated class for his major he is pursuing.

As Thomas Tsai advisor for him and other students in the Coast Community College. I recommend that Thomas Tsai should drop his history class which is Chinese Immigration to California because it has nothing to do with his major which he is pursuing.The other class he is attending he should keep, which are intermediate Math, Introduction to Reading and Writing, Study Skills, and Introduction to Accounting. These classes that he should keep are class that help, support, part of, and require for him to take is the class he should keep so he can pursuit his major in Business Accounting. if i can said he should cut back some hour at work but his parent will not allow it After being done with school and earn his Business Accounting degree.

He can use the knowledge he gain to fulfill his dream of taken over his parent shop so his parent can retire.