Thoreau 2 Essay, Research PaperWhy was Henry David Thoreau such a fantastic author?He had many great qualities, but the most of import werehis devotedness to nature and authorship, his desire forindependency, and his experiences he encounteredthroughout his life. Henry David Thoreau looked to natureas the footing of life and authorship. He believed that nature isthe contemplation of interior religious world. He spent his life inhunt of the necessities of world and of experiences thatwould convey him near to these necessities. He lived in a hutfor two old ages at Walden Pond to free his organic structure of unessentialthings.

During Thoreau & # 8217 ; s remain, he completed his first booktitled, A Week on the Concord and MerrimackRivers ( 1849 ) . Here, he besides filled his diaries with stuffsfor his most celebrated piece, Walden. After he left the hut,and after college, he became a literary learner bycomposing essays and verse forms and by assisting redact thetranscendentalist diary, The Dial. When success did nonsemen, Thoreau remained dedicated to his plan of& # 8220 ; instruction & # 8221 ; through familiarity with nature, and besides throughcomposing that would show this experience. It was his life innature that was his great subject. In order for Thoreau towrite so much on nature he had to be familiar with it. Hiscognition of the forests and Fieldss, of the rivers, thepools, and swamps, of every works and animate being wasoutstanding.

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Emerson even stated, & # 8220 ; His power ofobservation seemed to bespeak extra senses. & # 8221 ;Thoureau wrote a book titled Walden ( 1854 ) in which thesubject of it was the relationship to the order and beauty ofnature in the human head. This book consists of records ofThoreau & # 8217 ; s remain at Walden Pond. Thoreau & # 8217 ; s love anddevotedness to nature and his authorship was a key to hisexcellence in composing. Henry David Thoreau besides felt thatindividuality was a great necessity to his composing manner. Inhis piece of literature titled & # 8220 ; Civil Disobedience & # 8221 ; , heexpressed his belief in the power and the duty of thesingle to find right from incorrect, independent ofthe dictates of society. Thoreau & # 8217 ; s friends agreed with hispositions, but few practiced it in their ain lives as systematicallyas he.

Thoreau demonstrated his thought of independency inmany ways. He worked for wage intermittently, he maderelationships with many of the towns castawaies, he ne’ermarried, he signed off from the First Parish Church insteadthan be taxed automatically to back up it every twelvemonth, and helived entirely in the forests for two old ages, in privacy. Hisnearest neighbour was at least a mile off. While he waspopulating independently in the forests, he thought of many newthoughts for his literature. Thoreau even tried to promoteothers to asseverate their individualism, each in his or her ainmanner. He besides believed that independent, well-consideredactions arose of course from a questing attitude of head. Hewas foremost and foremost an adventurer, of both the universearound him and the universe within him. In his most popularpiece of all time, Walden, he stated this: & # 8220 ; Be a Columbus TOwhole new continents and universes within you, opening newchannels, non of trade, but of idea, & # 8221 ; ( Walden, p.

321 ) .Besides, Thoreau & # 8217 ; s jubilation of purdah was a naturalbranch of his committedness to the thought of singleaction. This undermentioned thought besides brought up a point inWalden. & # 8220 ; The adult male who goes entirely can get down today ; but hewho travels with another must wait boulder clay that other isready, & # 8221 ; ( Walden, pg.72 ) Many of Thoreau & # 8217 ; s thoughts ofindividuality can be found as major statements in hiscomposing.

Thoreau came to much of his great literature due tothe sum of experiences he had throughout his life. Hismajor experience was populating at Walden Pond for two old agesand larning about his ain life and about the admirations ofnature. Thoreau even stated himself, & # 8220 ; I learned this, at least,from experience. & # 8221 ; Here, he was speaking about how he gotall the information for his book Walden wholly fromexperiences. Although Walden was merely reasonablysuccessful in Thoreau & # 8217 ; s life-time, his experiment in thewilderness did spark involvement in immature people. The bookdivine people to follow his illustration and travel to a lonelytopographic point and inquire the universe and happen their topographic point in it.

Formany, Walden served as a standard. Thoreau said thathe went to the pool to compose a book in memory of hisbrother, John, who had died three old ages earlier. Thoreaubesides stated, & # 8220 ; I went to the forests because I wished to populateintentionally, to look merely the indispensable facts of life, and seeif I could non larn what it had to learn, and non, when Icame to decease, detect that I had non lived ( Walden p. 90 ) .At Walden Pond, Thoreau worked on A Week, but hebesides became attracted to the Walden Woods and begandoing observations in his diary of them. He besides beganroll uping stuffs to compose talks.

By the clip he leftWalden Pond, Thoreau had combined talks and notesfrom his diary to roll up into his first bill of exchange of his book AWeek. A Week was non really good excepted by the populacethough. After the failure of A Week, publishing houses postponedthe publication of Walden. Finally, Walden waspublished and was reasonably successful, and it did doThoreau popular.

Walden consisted of the diary entrieshe had written. It besides consisted of things he learned whilehe was in the forests. Walden besides evolved from asometimes sharp justification of Thoreau & # 8217 ; s unordinarylife style into a complex history of a religious journey.Thoreau & # 8217 ; s experiences were great properties in his authorship.Henry David Thoreau was a fantastic author. He hadmany first-class qualities, but the best and most of importwere his devotedness to nature and his authorship, his feeling ofindividuality, and his experiences that were used to dohis literature more lifelike. He used nature as his chief subjectin his authorship.

He felt that independency would assist him bea better author. He besides experienced many things in order todo his composing filled with imagination. Thoreau used all theseelements in order to delight the reader & # 8217 ; s head with hisliterature.