Last updated: July 25, 2019
Topic: LawPolitics
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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat
it,” to put it simply, if we do not learn from history, it is bound to reoccur.

Philosopher George Santayana knew exactly of the dangerous of our former times
and our likeness to continue its pattern. As a society, we can only dream of
total equality as our future and yet we’ve experienced multiple forms of
inequalities throughout history, from the inequalities of health care and
education to the inequalities of the treatment of women and slaves. Some believe that total equality
is a reality for our future, everyone treated the same, while others take into
account the fact that equality, a state of being equal, especially in status,
rights, and opportunities, can only work if everyone starts from the same
place, needing the same help, which is a rarity in our society.

Reaching overall fairness in a
society does have a chance of being possible, but it is unfortunately more of a
dream than a reality. Having total equality would require drastic changes in things
like each of our cultures, minds, social and economic statuses. Even if we were
able to make these profound changes, it would be an even harder task to get the
people of society to come to terms with it. For all of society to share the
same equal social status and equal power in politics, economically, and in social
decisions can be considered a reach. The amount of division in these aspects in
our society today would make equality hard. On the other hand, striving for
equity in a society would be much more feasible. Equity, also an effort to
produce fairness, is giving everyone what they need in a society to excel.