Through this letter, Iexpress my interest in a Master’s Programme in Computer Science. As a highlymotivated undergraduate majoring in Computer Science, I obtained CGPA(3.41/4.00) and gained hands-on experience in different research areas. Withconsistent efforts and keen interest, throughout four years, motivated me toaccomplish Master`s Degree and to have an innovative toolkit of techniques & concepts ofComputer Science especially in the field of Data Communication,Computer Networks or Information Security as well as their applications.

For over seven years, Ihave worked as DSL Executive at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. Thisexperience taught me physical installations, the configuration of devices andallowed me to work on multiple projects. Besides, attending a number ofco-curricular workshops & vocational training in different fields of IT& Telecom, Microsoft & Cisco certifications enabled me to become strongIT professional.

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These experiences improved my leadership, responsibility,creativity, teamwork, communication & presentation skills. Possessing anotable academic record & relevant work experience, I can be considered adeserving candidate for Uppsala University`s scholarship.My actual purpose ofapplying for Master Programme in Computer Science is to expand the scope of myknowledge as well as improve my skills in this field. European education systemhas the best to offer in the whole world and Uppsala University is one of suchuniversity that ensures the high standards of education. Moreover, Sweden’swelcoming foreign policy, diverse culture and distinct approach to teaching haveall inspired me.

Furthermore, Uppsala University is one of the top hundredsranked university, equipped with an accomplished faculty and advanced researchresources in the information technology field. With a wide range ofhigh-quality courses and great flexibility, Uppsala University has proved to bean ideal study destination. From postgraduate to doctorate level, there areplenty of opportunities for students to fulfill their ambitions. Informal atmosphereat Uppsala University will also benefit me, where teachers are easilyapproachable and research labs are highly equipped with the latesttechnologies.

It would, therefore, be an utmost blessing for me if I could havea chance to study in this University to carve my way to the long-desireddestinations.