TiranaTirana’s next 20 years will have a new urban identity. The Municipality of Tirana has attended public hearings to discuss its concept for the Tirana2030 General Plan, where the rural areas around it will be included for the first time. Local and foreign architects and designers, members of the City Council, interested citizens, heard and discussed today all day the vision of the group that is drafting the Tirana Local Government Plan, led by the well-known Italian architect Stefano Boeri. The General Local Plan foresees a concept that fits in with the vision unfolded during the election campaign , where the capital , unlike what has been organized and functioned so far , is proposed to be polycentric and deliver services where needed . The 5 poles of the city will be added to 5 other urban centers that will aim to provide all the necessary services for rural residents. In this way , even the citizens of relatively remote rural areas will not have to travel to the center of Tirana to have the opportunity to receive these services .

For a very long time , the Local General Plan was synonymous with the platform on which the mayor issued a construction permit . In fact , that’s not it . Construction permits are just part of the urban plan , especially in a country where we have areas that have been totally irrationally developed , especially the municipalities that have joined Tirana . As for investments in this new local plan it is foreseen that those occupy an important place not only as a urban developmental mechanism of the city , but also employment . A major priority of this plan is the issue of mobility and mobility in the city .

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Greening is a very important element in this plan , and besides parks , parks or trees along the roads , this plan also foresees the greening of the terraces . Attention to this plan is also dedicated to the cultural and historical side of the city as the best way to encourage as many domestic and foreign visitors as possible . In April , in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture , opens what is known as Enver Hoxha’s villa in the former block .