Last updated: April 21, 2019
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The shopping frenzy of Black Thursdayfriday is over and Cyber Monday is here. I hope followers of this blog did the right thing and spent time with their families rather than partaking of the Thanksgiving Day shopping madness this year. I hope you sat in the warm comfort your home listening to an elderly family member, who may not be around next Thanksgiving, relating tales of their childhood rather than being a barbarian, pummeling a total stranger on the cold hard linoleum floor of Wal-Mart in a fight to the death over the last of the $98.00 flatscreens.

If you are doing your online Christmas shopping today, either for yourself or another Howard fan, there are all kinds of Howard related gifts to be had. And the best part is no one gets hit, stabbed, shot or tazed in the process.

For the true Howard aficionado, there is nothing like getting a membership to the Robert E. Howard  Foundation. There are three different levels of membership:

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  • Supporting Membership: you will receive a 10% discount on REHF and REH Foundation Press (REHFP) books and merchandise.
  • Friend of REH Membership: you will receive the member discount above as well as the REHF newsletter, and your name posted (if wanted) on the website.
  • Legacy Circle Membership: members will receive all the above, along with invitations to special events, plus a yearly REHF pin. Legacy Circle members might also get other additional benefits during the year.

Obviously, the way to go is with the Legacy Circle membership — you get a whole lot of Howard for your buck.

As for Howard prose and poetry, a good buy are the Del Rey volumes, which will get you the lion’s share of Howard’s best work at a reasonable price.

For the rarer Howard material, your best bet is the REH Foundation Press, which has a number of books in print, including the just published Western Tales.

Of course, eBay is a good place to find everything Howard related under the sun.

For the Conan comics fan, just out is The Colossal Conan, a 1300 page hardcover that collects issues 0 – 50 of the Dark Horse Conan comics.

If you are into collecting pulp replicas, Girasol Collectables, has a ton of them for sale. If art books by the likes of Frazetta, Jones, Brundage and Krenkel is your forte, check out Vanguard Productions.

And you can even shop right here for the current and available back issues of the REH: Two-Gun Raconteur print journal.

But no matter where you shop or what Howard items you purchase today and throughout the Christmas shopping season, I hope you get everything you want and make sure you give a gift of Howard to someone who has never read his works. Making someone else a Howard fan is a gift in and of itself.