Critical Response Three: “To be human is not too necessarily to have humanity” – How is this evident in Frankenstein? Key Ideas: Agree or disagree with statement, define humanity, discuss where humanity is lost and to what extent people become inhumane, what actions take away from humanity and why, why is humanity lost in someone, discuss Frankenstein and creature in relation to humanity (Link to question), is humanity lost in Frankenstein?Oxford dictionary defines humanity as “the state of being a person rather than a god, an animal or a machine” and “the quality of being humane” though being a person doesn’t necessarily rectify that person being humane as they may lack pity and compassion or be cruel and savage. To have humanity isn’t necessarily bestowed upon everyone though it is assumed to be as everyone is to be assumed good until proven otherwise through a person’s actions and wrong doings.But to what extent do people lose their humanity by their thoughts and actions? All negative actions seemingly take away from humanity when done knowing in full consciousness of the consequences that precede the action accordingly. Such as in Frankenstein, the creature an understanding of the correct morals and ethics though not being taught them in full detail continues to burn down the home of the cottages of Safie and Felix and murders William, Frankenstein’s brother, Justine, the family’s servant, Elizabeth and Henry Clerval.

This seeming to be unbelievably unlawful can also be argued otherwise as the creature being made artificially by a creator being the only person who could truly appreciate his creation distains it and disowns him running away calling it a monster giving the creature no start in life at all.The creature had to discover for himself all of life’s morals and values with no one to guide him, no understanding of the world or any forms of communication within it, the sight of a stirring complexion making him be seen as a monster by the rest of humanity out casting him into solitude and the one person (Frankenstein) who should help him through this all forsakes him into a desolate epitome of loneliness. There’s no way of measuring levels of humanity in individuals as all that can be judged upon are the actions, reactions and psychological of a person.

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Therefore it is a matter of opinion as to whether the creature is seen as an unnatural creation of life with no humanity in him at all. In my opinion this isn’t true. Yes it is an unnatural creation of life but it was made imitating the natural creation of man seeing it have all human life qualities and thoughts. All life is born innocent and fragile. It has humanity though it may be artificial as it reacts as that of a human would.Imagine you had been in the same position of the creatures’ with no one to guide or teach you anything.

The ability to tell right from wrong if not taught would be assumed by a person from their experiences and the creatures being completely negative expect for nature it is entirely expected that the creatures actions reflect his interactions of others. Violence, hate and no remorse without love are some very extensively repugnant life lessons that highly influence the creatures mind. The creature still has humanity.Creation of unnatural life is very much so a conflicting issue of humanity as Victor Frankenstein creates unnatural life making him somewhat lose his humanity continues to disown his creation and then wish to kill it intensifying his loss of humanity. But he remains humane none the less as he acts as any other would.

As discussed it’s shown that to be human isn’t necessarily to have humanity due to every influencing factor of individual’s life that effects them in every way. Unless without reason a person acts extremely detrimentally to others, humanity always remains.