Tobacco use is one of the world’s leading causes of death, according to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2008). In 2000 smoking was the main cause of 1.69 million death from cardiovascular disease, 0.97 million death from COPD and 0.85 million death from lung cancer (Ezzati, 2003) WHO points out that tobacco use is the most preventable cause of death worldwide.

It kills 4.5 million people each year, of which 4 million occur in developing countries. It is expected that the number of deaths and the spread of diseases due to smoking will increase significantly in the coming years, especially in developing countries, – the least able to afford health care and has become a strategic target for tobacco companies after it became a narrow area in the industrialized countries because of the knowledge of people in the developing countries there of the disadvantages of smoking and high taxes on tobacco products a. With tougher tobacco control policies, including widespread smoking ban policies in public places such as restaurants in more regions of the United States and Europe, cigarette manufacturers are putting their toxic goods in other parts of the world, such as the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

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 In 2011, a report from WHO on  the global tobacco epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa, the smoking rate ranged from 15.1% in Morocco to 38.5% in Lebanon, and the smoking rate according to gender range from 20.2% in Saudi Arabia to 62.

0% in Syria for men , and from 0.2% in Morocco to 31.5% in Lebanon for women. (WHO, 2011). Because of the concentration of these companies in developing countries, the consumption of cigarettes per capita has increased sixfold, and the number of deaths due to smoking increased from 500,000 in 1955 to about 2 million in 1995.Saudi Arabia, which has a high smoking rate of 40 percent among men and 10 percent among women and 25 percent among young people under the age of 18, according to official statistics, is the fourth largest importer of cigarettes in the world, despite the small population, Sales volume to 15 billion cigarettes a year worth 600 million riyals !! The combined Gulf market consumes 28 billion cigarettes a year !!