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Tom Stockford
Visual Communication
Does violence in the media cause violence in children.




Does violence in the media causes violence in children

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This essay will explore many different things to do with children
and parents and how the media has an impact on them. From looking at music
video, gaming and movies and to see if the content can have an impact on the
child’s behaviour, and how parents can monitor there child’s behaviour to give
there child the best way of life.



background study


Gaming is a massive part of some children teens and growing up, and
its always the shooting games that are most popular with kids aged between
12-17.This quote backs my point of peoples actions, I know this is the most
extreme but i feel like you have to know about this sort of stuff to get an
realization of what could potentially happen. 97% of kids are playing video
games and 85% or more of the video games that they are playing contain violent
content. Games such as Grand Theft auto, Manhunt and call of duty are and were
popular. Even such as games like Pokémon Go makes to go to battle with other
players. And this game is more for the younger generation but still encourages
you to battle.


”Young people can become more aggressive after looking at violent
television programmes or video games” (Andalo, 2005 p1).

There are a lot of concerns of how children are being brought up
today. The gaming scene is a massive platform for children to be influenced by
violence. Games with age restrictions have very violent or gory content, strong
language and possible nudity, which is unacceptable for the younger generation.

Viewing this sort of content often enough can make it
more likely that someone will behave in an aggressive or violent way, be less
understanding of other people’s needs and feelings, or feel more afraid of
their environment. needs evidence look
back at research


This kind of content doesn’t always show what would happen if people
behaved violently in real life. It can mean that teenagers don’t get a
realistic understanding of what happens when you’re violent in real life. There
are many consequences at the end of all this. expand
consequences for there person causing the crime think about the victim



from the University of Birmingham … said parents and carers should be as
careful about exposing their children to violent images as they are about
keeping them away from dangerous chemicals and medicines in the home.”
(Andalo, 2005, p1) talk about the statement expand


In some sense, this can be good and bad but it’s just
the amount you are exposing your children to this sort of content. Just as you
would limit certain foods in your child’s diet that might bad for them,  you should be doing the same when letting
them watch certain videos and playing certain games. reword

Because this could be educating your child in the wrong way, which
could have an impact on their life at a later date.


”They found consistent evidence that young children who watched
television and films and played video games with violent content showed more
aggressive play and behaviour. There was a definite “small but
significant” effect, which was especially relevant for boys” (Andalo,
2005, p1) The evidence was less consistent when
considering older children and teenagers and the long-term effects on all ages.
check if its from an article point and explain



Kids learn their attitudes about violence at a young age. Although
televised violence has been studied the most. People are finding out that other
media platforms are having an impact on children and teens in many different


From media violence, learn to act aggressively towards other people
around them. They will be taught to use violence instead of self-control and
stepping away from a situation to not cause conflict.
(Tompkins, 2003,p1)


 Also children who see
violence from movies, tv shows, or video games may become more fearful and look
at the world around them in a completely different way to what they should do
at that age.reference They could see the
world as a scary place. for example, a video game that is close to real life as
they can get is Grand theft auto which is a free roaming game which you have
control of a character’s actions. Things like doing drugs, stealing a car and
killing people. From my own experience, this is a fun and addictive game. But
this isn’t the only game out there that consists of this sort of violent

So this might not be apparent right away, but kids might not act out
violently until their teens and young adult years.


what other people say about the game




It has been argued that the media can have some form of impact on
someones actions. The example below is of the most extreme cases but these
extreme circumstances need to be noted to show people what it could possibly
lead to.

”The 18-year
old gunman who
killed nine people in Munich, Germany, on Friday was a fan of first-person
shooter video games, according to reports. This detail in the unspooling story
of the rampage led many to worry that violent video games may be negatively
affecting their own children.”  (Scutti,
2016 p1) explain
and add evidence


A 2010 review by psychologist (Craig A. Anderson) and others
concluded that “the evidence strongly suggests that exposure to violent video
games is a causal risk factor for increased aggressive behaviour, aggressive
cognition, and aggressive affect and for decreased empathy and prosocial
behaviour.” Anderson also states that playing violent video games such as first
person shooters or free roaming games can have an impact on someones aggressive
thought and feelings. Personally i think young kids are more likely to absorb
these sorts of thing because they are always learning and taking new things in.
The most popular games to date are Grand theft auto that i have already
mentioned and Call of duty and these are purely violent games which could have
an impact on a child’s thoughts and feeling. this links to the case above about
the 18 year old playing first person shooters.


other researchers such as psychologist Christopher J. Ferguson have
challenged the fact that do violent games harm children. although a lot of his
own research had very similar results to anderson. Ferguson contents that
laboratory tests have not translated into the real world. He also claims that a
lot of the research into violent video games has failed to control other things
such as mental health and family life. Children that are already at risk of
these sorts of things have just chosen these sorts of games to play because its
a way for them to focus there thoughts and emotion into a game rather than real
life, such as on the streets. In this case i do agree with younger children
being able to play violent games to a certain extent as long as its monitored.











I feel away to monitor this is to keep TVs video games
and computers out of there kids bedrooms. I feel if you keep their stuff like
this in a more family-based room such as the living room. you can monitor and
oversee what your child is going on these different media platform. This bit can go in creative
response section, not background study as it’s your opinion.






looking at media side effects



Aggressive behaviour around other kids

 Talking back to your parents
or teachers

 Eating unhealthy foods

 Smoking, Drinking, or drug


‘You won’t be able to avoid all exposure to violent media” (common
sense,2016,p1) There is different media platform all around you and its very
hard not to see it. The media platforms are always going to try different why
to capture the audiences eye, from kids to adults, there will always be things
that we a human are drawn to. But when you are at home, like i said before you
have a lot more control and you can monitor yourself or others in the amount to
media content you consume. Research shows that kids who’s parent are frequently
managing there comsumtion of media, make quality choices on their own.





shock tactics.


”In a darkened bedroom, a copy of Smash Hits lies on
the bed. The cover features the Spice Girls: each is holding her hands in front
of her face. As the camera rests on this, a man starts to speak. The duvet
shifts as something moves beneath it. ‘Not a word to anyone,’ he whispers. ‘It
will be our little secret.”  (The Guardian.
1999 p1).


This is the explanation for a Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) they want to the make people feel
uncomfortable to make them act. This is the use of a shock tactics that could
play a part in my own practice to bring awareness about violence in the media
and how it can affect children. Personally shock tactics would make me think
twice about something but on the other hand you have to be careful in the way
to execute this, you don’t want to scare people away form the matter. This will
change depending on the audience that you are focusing on. For example shock
tactics on child might not be as necessary as if your audience was adults.






Violent messages in the media

 violence in the media can
occur in music video, television programs movie etc. 






other practitioners


There are a lot of practitioners I love that don’t link to my chosen
style. but I look at all different types of artist to get inspiration to
improve my style and as for me as an artist. I look art graphic artist and
textile artists the most due to that being my favoured mediums. I want to
combine these two mediums together to create something that is eye catching a
different to the norm. I feel like this is a good way to draw the audience into
my chosen subject. I want to create a small campaign to get a message and some
information across about my subject ” Does violence in the media causes
violence in children” this will be creating posters flyers large scale banners
and possible pages on social media. Because I haven’t done a campaign I need
all the inspiration I can possibly get from other practitioners.


Firstly I will look at some examples of campaigns that caught my eye
immediately. Paula Scher is a massive icon within the graphic design industry.
She created some artwork for a campaign for the New York’s public theatre. I
was drawn to this straight away from the vibrant colours that she used. the
bright yellow is enough to catch anyone’s eye, which is something to take into
account when thinking about what audience I’m trying to attract.  And I feel like this is very important when
composing my little campaign.






As you can see these small billboards, is a great away to draw in
catch the eye of walkers all all ages. The bright yellow really stands out from
the building behind it. There were similar designs but created in poster and
flyer formats. Also i asked my girlfriend what she thought about this picture,
and she also stated about the vibrant colour. Also the fact that there are
three posters in a row indicated that it could be quite important rather than
if there was just one poster standing on its own.






This is some art work that i attracted to also i found this work on
Pinterest and it stated it was by Chandesh Tk. Similar to the one the colours
really caught my eye when researching different styles of campaigning. Another
thing that caught my eye is the image on the right, Creating products is also
something I’m interested, which links the textile side. I feel this is a great
way to get your message across people people will ask you about the t-shirt or























Michel Bouvet


Michel is another graphic designer i have been looking at to inspire
my practise. He produces a lot of work for public institutions: theatres,
operas, museums, festivals, dance companies, orchestras… and for publishers
in France and abroad. Like a lot of artist who have a particular style , Michel
has an arrange of different styles depending on the task in hand, if thats
treating a poster or book cover his style changes. As you can see with the two
examples that i have chosen, the one on the left is photography based poster
the typography combined into it. And the one on the right is more patterned
based and simple block colours. I feel like i can really get inspired by him
due to my practice alway changing, which i feel makes it more current and up to




Social issue campaigns























Advertising Agency: Advico Y, Zurich, Switzerland


People complain about some advertisements as an obnoxious way for
companies to invade our lives. A well made campaign or advert will remain in
your mind along time after seeing it. I feel that a visual campaign rather that
just facts and figures has an greater impacts on the viewer and also gives you
that realisation of what is actually happening in the world. It draws that
picture in your mind that will stay there for longer. 


The title of this piece that i have picked out is ”Torture Victims
Are People Just Like You And Me” visually i think this is really well
constructed and cleve in they way it will grab peoples attention. Roughly 35
million people each weekday board public transportation. Having this ad on the
back of the bus will attract many of them passengers.

The amount of eyes that would have seen this campaign is a great
deal of people. i also think is clever because it puts the person who is sat in
the seat and makes them the victim. Taking this into account when thinking of
how I’m going to conduct my little campaign. I feel like out in public places
where are used consistently such as coffee hope busses shops etc.





Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium


This is another create away to get a message across.
similar to the first one involving everyday occurrences such as shopping.  ‘Plastic bags kill’ is a very strong message
but a true one in fact and we are the one doing the killing when you think
about it. The person carrying the bag is seemingly killing the animal by using
theses bags and not disposing them in the correct way. Also these bags will be
carried around in public places for people to see and take note of.















Im going to show a few pieces of development work at the start of
this section, then show how i have developed them into my final outcome. Due to
have two different campaign pack for kids and one for adults. i will only be
talking about a few of them. at the end of this section i will show the two
packs a a whole.



This is a piece of development work for the parents of children who
may use the media on a day to day bases. It acts as a notification to just
remind mind and to just to bare this in mind.

After talking to an adult with children, they said they would feel
embarrassed to ask the younger generation about what they do on social media or
how long they spend on it. So generally they wouldn’t think about it. the
reason why I’m creating this campaign is to remind how the media can impact
children but the parents need to be addressed also. So having a bright poster
like this may catch the eye of a parent and make the think about this matter.
Even if they don’t take action they have thought about, then this may lead to
them talking to friends and spreading the word.

I think for a starting poster i feel this isn’t a bad start but
could be improved a lot more in its visual appearance. I feel like i could play
round with the typeface a lot more because this is just a standard Helvetica
bold text. Also the colour palette is something i have to think about more when
developing my campaign. The orange work when wanting the catch someones eye but
i want to play around with the text within the poster to really make it pop out
from surrounding people and objects.

When thinking about how I move this forward I go back to thinking
about campaign strategies and what makes a good campaign. I’m going to take
products into account because of the mobile aspect of it. When a campaign is on
the move it will be seen by a wider audience.
















This piece of development work it is more an information sheet about
the subject. it is split into two categories. With this piece, I simply wanted
to educate whoever was interested in this topic. Instead of being an eye catch
piece like the last example that used bright colours to catch the audiences
eye, this is a lot more toned back and formal approach.

I feel that the information I included is simple and easy to read. I
feel that I could improve the layout of this piece I feel that it looks rush
and not thought out.

When thinking about how to create something for someone who is parent
I feel that it has to be a lot more formal with a lot of information to educate
them about the problem I am looking into.














This is one of the finial pieces that is gong into my kids pack.
from the the first piece i have 
developed it to get to this piece. There is a similar feel to it in the
sense of the colour palette, i have 
chosen to carry on using an orange for this particular piece for the
campaign pack. With the other piece i thought it was a bit to ridged for a kid/
teenager, so i have changed the text to a more hand written style to suit the
target audience. The purpose of this piece is to make the audience question
them selves and workout how much time they actually spend on social media, in
front of the television or sat behind a desk looking at there computer. Them
just thinking about this might give them a small shock which could lead to them
cutting down on the time the consume media.













This is a few concept
designs for a campaign part of the adults pack. When thinking about how to get
your message across to certain audience in this case adults with children. I
have to think of different locations and media platforms which is most likely
to catch the views eye. Here is a few examples of a campaign logo in various
different locations. For example on a computer or laptop is a vital platform
for people to see media so this is crucial That the small campaign will be
displayed in this way. Other small things such as, maybe a question of a coffee
cup. In the UK, we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee per day, so
that is a large audience that could possible see this campaign message and act
on it. The purpose of having a good logo or title for a campaign is to catch
someone attention to draw them in and get them involved in the message that you
are trying to get across.­­-­­