Now that you have read this thrilling story of Tony Hillerman, you are going to answer a couple of questions about the book. First we want to know if you have understand the story.

Questions: * Why do you think Tony Hillerman named this book “A Thief of Time”? * Who is the “Thief of Time” and what did this person do? Can you also tell why he had done these things? * First they thought someone else was illegally digging at unofficial places. Who did they think it was and why? There are different kinds of races named in the book.One of them are the Navajo. Question: * What part do the Navajo have in the book and what kind of people are they? Now we would like you to give your conclusion about the book. Questions: * During reading the book and it coming to an end, did you think the story would end like it did? Why did or didn’t you? (Explain by using how it ended) * Would you recommend this book to other students, to friends or family? Why or why not? (Use a short summary of the book in your answer) * Because the book is all about this “thief of time”.At first they are searching for the one(s) who steal pots from sites that are not officials. But when you come closer to the end of the book, you come to know that this “thief of time” is not someone who steals pots, but someone who is (illegally) looking for bones before having this place made official.

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And everyone who comes to know this, has to cope with death. * Randall Elliot, a graduate of Exeter, of Princeton, of Harvard, winner of the Navy Cross. He was looking for bones in an unofficial area, which is illegal. Dr. Eleanor FriedmanBernal, Jimmy Ettcity, Nails and Harison Houk came to know about this and three of them, Ettcity, Nails and Houk were shot to death by Randall Elliot.

Dr. Friedman-Bernal was badly injured and she got rescued by Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and officer Chee.Randall Elliot did all of this because he wanted to be the first one on these sites to get the bones before other archeologists could get to it and he wanted to know what he could find on the site before he got his permit.

He didn’t want to be caught, that’s hy he killed the three people who found out what he was doing. “Thief of Time: Somebody comes first at the site(s) and gets off with the stuff before the archeologist(s) can grab it. ” * At first they thought it was Dr.

Eleanor Friedman-Bernal, because she suddenly left her hometown and no-one knew where she had gone, she ‘disappeared’. But at the end of the book Lieutenant Leaphorn found her badly injured, saved her and found out who was the offender of this all. The Navajo have a big part in the story.The pots and bones which the archeologists are looking for are related to the Navajo.

That’s why the Navajo are the first ones to be questioned by the ones who are searching for Dr. Friedman-Bernal. Also officer Chee is Navajo and during the story he tells about how strongly these people are involved with their family and other Navajo people. They are all ‘one big family’. That’s why he did almost everything to find Dr. Friedman-Bernal together with Lieutenant Leaphorn, who wasn’t a Navajo. The answer has to include Dr.

Friedman-Bernal, because most of the story is about looking for her and about the pots she is searching for. So the answer has to look like the answers given here: 1. Yes I did, because I knew Dr. Friedman-Bernal wasn’t the pothunter/thief of time, but I also wouldn’t have thought that she got injured or killed.

2. No I didn’t, because I thought Dr. Friedman-Bernal would be the thief of time who was searching for a specific kind of pot and that she would have killed the ones who followed her. * Student’s answer, checked on if the student has read the book.