Tornadoes are a natural phenomenon that can change the lives of many people in a matter of seconds or minutes.

While there are many precautions that can be taken to protect people from tornadoes, some can come as a surprise. Warnings for tornadoes are constantly being updated, but have yet to make tornadoes completely expected. The lack of proper warnings can leave people vulnerable to unexpected tornadoes. The damage of tornadoes is something that people need to prepare for because the results can be devastating.

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To begin, tornadoes occur by forming from thunderstorms. Warm and moist air need to meet cold and dry air to cause a tornado. The damage that is caused by tornadoes is devastating. Many tornadoes occur in the middle area of the United States which is populated by many farms and families. Tornadoes can destroy anything from a range of big to small. Tornadoes can wipe out barns, houses, cars which may seem big to citizens of tornado affected areas, but the scale goes a lot larger than that.

They have the potential to wipe out neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties and even states. Human lives are greatly affected by tornadoes. In the U.S. deaths from tornadoes differ from one year to year.

Since 2000, deaths range from 21 in 2009 to 553 in 2011, with an average of 94 deaths in a year. The death rate in 2011 was due to the the tornado outbreak in 2011 (748 tornadoes occurred in April, followed by a tornado strike in Joplin, Missouri, in May). The outbreak in April 2011 unexpected and it even surpassed the 1974 tornado outbreak, when a weather system created 147 tornadoes in 24 hours. Tornadoes that happen at night are usually the most deadliest because people tend to be asleep so they don’t wake up with enough time to prepare for the tornado.

To continue, tornadoes are dangerous but people can prepare for them by knowing the signs of a tornado. Large hail, dark and green sky, low clouds (watch for spinning), and a small roar that can sound similar to a freight train. These are warning signs of a tornado that can help people identify a tornado is about to take place.

People can use any of these signs as a warning to seek shelter. It is important to be in a large, open space with a sturdy structure. Also, before a tornado have an emergency plan in place. This plan includes where to meet during a tornado, a backup plan in case the first safe place option is no longer viable. In each safe place an emergency kit should be in place (which can be filled with anything from clothes, first aid kit, non-perishable foods, etc.). People can recover from the destructive tornadoes by first checking for any injuries.

Also, be aware of your health because the tornado could of caused exhaustion or shock so also excess mental injuries. Next, be cautious of your safety because the tornado can cause dangerous debri to be around, roadways to be ruined or flooded, chemical spills, fallen power lines, etc. Find a stable area if possible to be safe in case another tornado come. After a couple of hours or days organizations like the Red Cross can provide support and materials to help people who lost things during a tornado. Ultimately the best way to recover is for communities to make a group effort to rebuild their communities. Overall, tornadoes cause a lot of destruction.

Knowing how it can affect people and how to prepare and recover from them can affect your life in a very positive way.