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The impact of touristry on the physical environment has both negatively and positively affected the natural resources of Caribbean states. Over the old ages more people are prosecuting in eco-tourism which forces the people of a county to continue its wild life, vegetations and zoologies, which are seen as touristry assets. When fees are charge to see the preserved touristry assets of a state it assists to bring forth financess to assistance in care and protection of the touristry assets. Therefore tourist involvement in ecotourism can be sustained for the state. Negatively, the tourers can hold a destructive consequence on a state ‘s ecological system. The Caribbean has coral reefs which are ill-famed for incorporating rare species of carnal life. By tourer prosecuting in the H2O activities such as diving and snorkelling, they are straight impacting the endangered species which will seek to migrate when there home ground is being invaded. The endangered species may besides decease. In add-on engaging in H2O athleticss will do physical harm to the coral reef which will destruct it.

Economically touristry has significantly played a major function in the development of many Caribbean states. Due to touristry, of occupations have an copiousness been created in the Caribbean straight and indirectly. Harmonizing to ( World Travel and Tourism Council, 2012 ) In 2011 Travel and Tourism accounted for 614,000 occupations in the Caribbean straight from the Travel and touristry industry, this figure is expected to increase by 1.7 % in 2012. The creative activity of occupations provides an income and the multiplier consequence comes into drama whereas those individuals who are straight employed to the touristry industry will finally pass their income for it to go around in the state ‘s economic system until it is leaked. The escape construct provinces that money generated by one state is lost to another. Escape occurs in Caribbean touristry in many signifiers, one of which includes concatenation hotels owned by foreign investors directing back net incomes to their place states so the bulk of the income does non stay in the Caribbean. Caribbean counties to a great extent depend on touristry for economic viability ; this can be alter within a twenty-four hours with natural catastrophes such as temblors, hurricanes which can destruct roads, airdromes, hotels, because touristry is the chief beginning of income for some Caribbean states this would go forth them helpless.

Tourism encourages the public and private sectors of a state to construct and better touristry substructures ( roads, hotels, airdromes etc. ) , leisure comfortss ( gyms, nines, etc. ) . By making this the local people benefits since they are able to utilize it for themselves even though it was intend for the tourer. Tourism inspires the local people to continue their traditional imposts, festivals, and culinary arts since tourers are interested in civilization. The civilization of the Caribbean are frequently times sold by the local community members particularly countries where the tourer resorts are found. This helps the community members to bring forth an income for themselves and their households, from which the authorities can increase revenue enhancement grosss for the state. Though community tourer benefits the locals there are still negative impacts associated with community touristry. This includes, invasion of privateness by aliens, drugs can be brought into the community or sold to tourist there which shows the state in a negative visible radiation. The ethical motives and values of local people can be lost through adaptation of the alien ‘s civilization.

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The relationship of touristry to the economic system of Caribbean states can be described as developing. The Caribbean is seen as the most tourism dependent part in the universe, with the touristry sector lending to 36 % of the GDP ( Caribbean Region: Tourism, n.d. ) . There are over 900,000 individuals straight and indirectly employed to touristry industry harmonizing to the ( Caribbean Tourism Organization ( CTO ) , 2002 ) . This figure contributes significantly to the growing of the GDP since employment will assist to increase the criterion of life for persons. With touristry industry booming for Caribbean states others sectors that are linked to the touristry industry can profit from the productiveness such as the agribusiness sector. There are nevertheless some challenges that the Caribbean touristry sector is confronting. The touristry sectors of the Caribbean demand to be more competitory in order to remain on top since more states are turning to touristry as a executable option to hike their economic system. Tourism is a capital intensive activity which Caribbean states rely to a great extent on, therefore it is indispensable to see these keys variable of touristry as it relates to the Caribbean economic systems: the impact on GDP, Inter-sectoral impacts, balance of payments, Investment, Government gross.


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