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Tourism is at its rapid expanding phase. Being in the twenty-first century, most of people are going and sing attractive forces all around the universe. There are seven continents on Earth and these continents constitutes of many provinces and even bantam islands that can be considered as a touristry finishs and attractive forces. Where it is accessible, there will be tourers.Singapore has one of the largest service sectors in touristry.

For Singapore to take this advantage as a touristry finish, it has contributed 3 % of Singapore ‘s GDP which has generated a amount of US $ 9.4 billion in 2007. As one of the most popular states in Asia, Singapore has been turning quickly for the past few old ages. With the aid of the touristry industry, it has strengthened the substructure developments, in add-on of assorted events and the states strategic location in the bosom of part. This shows how much the function of touristry industry can play in Singapore ‘s economic system.

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To guarantee that touristry remains a cardinal economic pillar, a bold mark, Tourism 2015, was unveiled in the twelvemonth 2005. The aims of Singapore is to treble the touristry receipts to US $ 30 Billion, duplicating visitant reachings to 17 Million, and making an extra 100,000 occupations in the services sector by 2015, harmonizing to “ Opportunities in Singapore Tourism Industry ( 2007-2009 ) ” . Having all these advantages, the negatives are besides a factor to look at so by making this research ; I will hold a better position on the impacts, advantages and disadvantages in Singapore touristry industry. ( Opportunities in Singapore Tourism Industry ( 2007-2009 ) – Market Research Reports – Research and Markets )

1.3 Literature Review

In the few books I have read like Tourism in South-East Asia, Tourism impacts, be aftering and direction and Tourism direction: managing for alteration. These books are written by the undermentioned writers Peter Manson, Michal Hitchcock and Stephen Page. The content of the book have the different sorts of effects from touristry and alterations states have to confront and how can they get by with it.I felt that many of the fact that are stated in the books are really agreeable like in the Tourism impacts, planning and direction book written by Peter Mason “ The impacts of touristry can be positive or good, but besides negative or damaging.

Whether impacts are perceived as positive or negative depends on the value place and judgement of the perceiver of the impacts. ” This shows that no affair how people research on any of the impacts there are ever another manner to see positive to a negative and negative to a positive.The other book I have looked at is Tourism direction: managing for alteration by Stephen Page citing from the book “ It is widely recognized that a scope of factor impact upon the success or failure of visitant attractive forces as touristry endeavors. This has to be viewed against turning visitor outlooks during their visit and the demand for attractive forces to better criterions in many states worldwide. ” what I have understood is that there are other factors that would impact touristry and tourer has of all time altering gustatory sensation and to maintain up states have to upgrade or keep what they have now or they would lose out.Apart from books there are besides articles on the cyberspace written by other writers which has all the different attractive forces on Singapore. So by utilizing the research inquiries to spread out the hunt of the subject would be a clearer position of accomplishing the aim.

What I want to accomplish by making this research with the aid all the secondary findings to understand how Singapore will fair now and the hereafter and what the few attractive forces they have mentioned are the other older one time.

1.4 Source of information

Tourism is now a really vase integrated capable affecting many sectors. So by researching information on Books like Tourism in South-East Asia, Tourism impacts, be aftering and direction and Tourism direction: managing for alteration the books tells how and what are the different state of affairss. The other beginning would be from the cyberspace where I can happen 1000000s of information sing touristry and finishs.

Using the hunt engine Google I would seek the cardinal word from: Tourism Impact, Singapore touristry, hereafter of Singapore 2015. With merely these few words I am able to acquire a few informations on touristry. With all the research I have done in the books and cyberspace, I will all these secondary findings to steer me through my researches.

1. What makes Singapore a popular touristry finish?

Although Singapore is a little state, the array of amusement is compatible to other states. As one of the taking tourer finishs in Asia and with 1000000s of visitants every twelvemonth, Singapore is popular as a concern going finish due to the big figure of exhibitions and conferences organized every month in Singapore. A finish is a topographic point which is created for a intent and that is what Singapore has achieved to be. It has created a finish for tourers from all over the universe to see, sometimes particularly for its tropical clime.

The undermentioned attractive forces have been established or modified to suit people to maintain involvement for tourer and besides sustain the touristry industry. To remain popular, Singapore has maintained its criterions by bettering and spread outing its tourer attractive forces. An illustration is the allowance of casinos to be built when the program was denied smartly for the past few old ages.Using SWOT analysis, Singapore ‘s strength in popularity and its chances can be analyzed.

( SWOT The Sight, Opps! I Meant The Cites | Matador )

SWOT part1


Singapore is already one of the taking tourer finishs in Asia, reflecting how developed the state is in footings of touristry. It is one of the most popular concern finishs for business communities because of the well established economic system but besides of its centralized location which is accessible for all. Due to the rich economic system, it attracts even more investors to get down their concern in Singapore which would assist hike its economic system. Apart from the economical advantage, Singapore is non merely considered as one of the safest states but besides a cosmopolite one because of the different races populating in harmoniousness.The attractive forces and hotels are cardinal strengths to hike Singapore ‘s economic system. The chief classs of the popularity in present Singapore are listed below:


Sentosa IslandSingapore Sentosa Island a 15 minute thrust from the metropolis, it has many recreational installations including household attractive forces, sea athleticss, golf every bit good as hotel adjustment and with over 20 attractive forces in this island.

A canopy of secondary rain forest taking 70 per cent of the 500-hectare island and is place to supervise lizards, monkeys, Inachis ios, parrots every bit good as other native zoologies and vegetations. Sentosa has a 3.2-kilometre stretch of white sand beach, and is the lone location in Singapore to offer a sea side adjustment of over 670 hotel suites. This island is accessible by overseas telegram auto, coach, cab or auto, the island is unfastened for 24 hours a twenty-four hours.

( Welcome to Sentosa )Singapore FlyerThe Singapore Flyer is the universe ‘s largest Elephantine Observation Wheel which is 165m in tallness doing it one of Asia ‘s biggest tourer attractive forces. The fixed capsules are comparable to the size of a coach and the dramatic memorial is able to keep 784 riders in sum of 28 capsules. Each revolution takes an appraisal of 30 proceedingss for visitants to bask the Singapore ‘s landscape. The Singapore Flyer, besides the Marina Barrage, was one of the finishs to see the F1 Night Race held in Singapore in 2009. ( About Us – Singapore Flyer )Integrated Resorts1. Resorts World SentosaThere are traveling to be a sum of 2 incorporate resorts that is traveling to be opening in Singapore at the beginning of the twelvemonth 2010. The first would be the Resorts World Sentosa that would be the biggest Integrated Resort that takes up 49-hectare.

This large piece of land would be made up of six hotels, the Universal Studios SingaporeA® household subject park and MICE installations that include one of Asia ‘s largest Grand Ballrooms. There would be a batch of amusement and shows, every bit good as famous person chef eating houses, brand-name dress shops and a half-kilometer long shopping and dining Strip named FestiveWalk. ( Resorts World Sentosa | Singapore Hotel & A ; Casino Resort | Integrated Resort )2. Marina Bay SandsThe 2nd incorporate resort would be the Marina Bay Sands, set to go a prime amusement finish with its assorted attractive forces and installations.

Marina Bay Sands will be located along Marina Bay waterfront with its hotel towers and a sky park, ‘floating ‘ crystal marquees and a lotus-inspired Museum. The retail shops would hold popular stigmatizations, voguish Celebrity Chef Restaurants, amusement at the theatres, the hottest dark nines and a Las Vegas-style casino. Business visitants will besides bask the extended Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions ( MICE ) installations having state-of-the-art engineering. Marina Bay Sands combines concern and leisure together doing it more fun. ( About | Marina Bay Sands )


The stableness in Singapore is one of the points why tourer comes to Singapore.

Riots and protesting are non allowed which will be to a great extent penalized if it of all time to go on. Crime rates are low compared to other states, from a intelligence article on the cyberspace in New York Times an writer wrote about Singapore citing “ An person can walk through any street in Singapore any clip of twenty-four hours without fright. You can go forth your auto parked on the street and anticipate to happen it at that place, integral, when you return to it. Criminals utilizing pieces to perpetrate offenses have the book thrown at them, because this is taken every bit purpose to perpetrate dangerous bodily injury. Drug pedlars who seek to gain from conveying the hurting and wretchedness of dependence to unsuspicious persons know the hazard capital penalty when caught.

” This is to demo Singapore is to be rigorous to be stable. ( But in Singapore Peaceful Citizens Feel Safe – Letter – )


Singapore is a widely distributed state with no racial public violences. There is even a particular twenty-four hours merely to observe the harmoniousness of the different races populating together. It happens every twelvemonth on the 21st July and is called the Racial Harmony Day. On this twenty-four hours, pupils are educated in school to reflect on and observe Singapore ‘s success as a harmonious state and society built on a rich diverseness of civilizations and heritages. Tourist of all sorts would experience at easiness when coming to Singapore as they know they are safe from any favoritism or racial pandemonium.

( About Us )


Gross salessThere are many events that take topographic point in Singapore all twelvemonth unit of ammunition ; one of the more popular events is the COMEX IT fair that happens at Suntec City every twelvemonth. The just sells electrical contraptions at cheaper monetary values and frequently attracts crowds. Another sale event would be the Great Singapore Gross saless, where all the retail mercantile establishments in Singapore sell everything at unexpected low monetary values.Festival and CelebrationsSingapore celebrates festivals like no other because it is a multi-racial society constituting of four races Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian. With the different races, Singapore celebrates merely about any festival. The more popular 1s are Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya and Christmas. During the gay season, ornaments and dramatic lightings for each specific event would be displayed at different allocated topographic points.Celebrations such as the National Day and Chinggay are large events for the state as it celebrates the Singapore ‘s Independence Day.

As for Chinggay, the route would be closed for all the parades to taking topographic point on the streets.


Singapore is located at centralised place in Asia so it is easy entree for people. This is a great advantage to host events that people would prefer in that part. Tourists sing Singapore therefore increases and Singapore takes this chance to better the substructure and make more amusement trusting that tourer would remain longer. Singapore besides tries to advance itself to the regional states by increasing income from touristry and later increasing the state ‘s GDP. Meeting, Incentives, Conventions & A ; Exhibitions ( MICE ) is another chance Singapore has with the gap of the two integrated resort with MICE and amusement. Growth in medical touristry industry has besides helped the addition in the touristry industry in Singapore.

Currently Singapore is second topographic point in medical tourer reachings and gross generated from medical touristry. Although the cost of health care in Singapore is higher than the other regional finishs, Singapore has better substructure and ordinances compared to others. ( Medical Tourism to maintain Singapore Tourism Industry Healthy – )The World Expo is traveling to be held in Shanghai and Singapore is traveling to be a portion of it. The World Expo is a large-scale, planetary and non-commercial expounding that aims to advance the exchange of thoughts and development of the universe ‘s economic system, civilization, scientific discipline and engineering. At the same clip, it allows states to publicise and showcase their accomplishments every bit good as improve international relationships.

( World Expo 2010 )

2. What are the challenges faced by Singapore as a touristry finish?

Although Singapore current state of affairs is stable nevertheless there are challenges faced by this state. I will utilize the SWOT analysis to analyse Singapore ‘s failing and menaces.

SWOT portion 2


The greatest failing of Singapore is its land scarceness. Bing a little state there is no natural resources and land is of importance. Some natural environment is being cleared for attractive forces, while others would be occupied by the local ‘s places.

The natural attractive forces are besides limited so the authorities has created unreal manmade natural attractive forces like the current Kallang River-Bishan Park ABC Waters Project ( PUB-Kallang River ) that is on the manner. Compared to other states for illustration China, Singapore can merely host a certain sum of tourers. Crucial resources like H2O, gas and power are bought from other states like Indonesia and Malaysia. This shows the restriction of natural resources in Singapore.


The menace Singapore chiefly faces is terrorist act, which would easy impact many because there are many crowds in Singapore. Bing a little state the hazard of the onslaughts would be higher so the security is high in Singapore. Singapore has started an Integrated Resort with casino which hopes to hike the economic system in Singapore.

With that in head states in Asia have started sing the edifice of a casino or constructing a new casino which would be a menace for Singapore.In add-on the cognition of touristry in Singapore in deficient compared to the western states. Tourists who visit Singapore may non talk the linguistic communication being spoken in Singapore, which may do a linguistic communication barrier that will diminish their enjoyment. To the nearby part states Singapore is non far but to states like the United States and the United Kingdom Singapore rather a distance off, so some would believe twice about doing the long journey.

3 What are the impacts of touristry?

1.5 Methodology

PESTE ( PEST Analysis – Understanding “ Large Picture ” Forces of Change )Political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, environmentalThe five elements of the touristry have their advantages.

However the disadvantages weigh in importance excessively. In order to understand this, two different positions are observed, which the positive and negative facets are. Everyone have different positions no affair how good a state of affairs may be there is ever a downside. By looking at the whole touristry impact, there is a greater understanding about the positives and a deeper cognition of the jobs faced.


PositiveRegulationsPolitical factors involve the ordinances and the authorities, which would find how the state would go depending on how good it is being governed. As for Singapore there are many rigorous regulations and ordinances.

It is a good point to keep jurisprudence and order within the state, so as to procure a peaceable head for tourers. Implementing rigorous regulations to forestall terrorist act from go oning for illustration the London train bombardment ( BBC NEWS | UK | London bombardments toll rises to 37 ) so Singapore has a squad called the Public Transport Security Command to petrol the conveyances to guarantee the safety and security of the public conveyance system and its users. ( Singapore Police Force – About Us – SPF Overview ) There are ordinances in Singapore that protect tourers such as the soaking instance in Singapore ‘s Newton Hawker Centre, where the peddler was banned for a considerable sum of clip from running his concern. ( – NEA suspends Newton peddler stall ‘s licence for soaking tourer )DiscriminationsApart from ordinances there are no favoritisms even in the authorities cabin where multi racial politicians work together. The diverseness of people will be a plus point for tourers to see Singapore without refering about their race and believes. By leting other states to be promoted in Singapore and advancing Singapore to other states will better the diplomatic ties on an international footing.NegativeTerrorismIncreasing touristry would besides increase the menace of terrorist act which sometimes could go on out of the blue.

An illustration is the unforgettable tragic event of the 9/11 onslaught where the twin towers were destroyed and the economic system of America plundered, impacting its touristry. Immediately after the catastrophe, companies were lying off 1000s of employees and scrambling to make full empty suites and seats through steep price reductions. Some hotels went every bit far as to give invitees a free dark for every one they purchased. Some of the sales representative even stood outside their stores trusting to catch the few tourers go throughing by. The development of travel has changed. It would non hold been every bit easy as it was in the yesteryear.

( 9/11 became bookend of touristry extremes | The Honolulu Advertiser | Hawaii ‘s Newspaper )


PositiveGrosssEconomy is one of the strongest impact parts to the state. The chief majority of it is to lend to the state ‘s GDP of 3 % , through revenue enhancement grosss that tourist have to pay ensuing in an betterment of the local economic system. Besides the multiplier effects tourers have to travel through from paying for the tickets to come to the state to passing on entryway fees to see the attractive forces and besides passing on nutrient and keepsake.InvestorsInvestors would hold inducements to put in the state to construct more attractive forces and do more developments for the state. The authorities would revenue enhancement on what have been developed like attractive forces and hotels. The addition of investors would besides assist make more occupations and with occupations the criterion of life in the state would increase and therefore more people will hold disposable income to pass. The attractive forces that are brought in to state for illustration in Singapore, subject park are one of the new attractive forces so it could assist cut down the locals from traveling other states when there is a subject park in their ain state.

NegativeInflationInflation is one of the negative impacts from touristry where it affects the monetary value on land, belongingss and nutrient. These monetary values go up because of the addition in demand on local service and touristry finishs. This consequences in the locals paying at an hyperbolic rate as that of the tourer monetary value which is a disadvantage to them.OccupationsDue to the addition in demand for occupations, traditional occupations may be threatened because workers may turn to the touristry industry.

There would be parttime, semi-skilled and ailing paid staff excessively, so some would non hold the appropriate experience to work. Seasonal occupations like these could so perchance take to high rates of unemployment. States like Thailand has traditional agriculture, because of touristry the husbandmans would discontinue their traditional occupations and happen a occupation related to touristry that could gain easy money. As the betterment of criterions of life goes up, labour cost would besides be higher.DependenceDependence on touristry can be really hazardous because it may take to alterations overnight. Some causes are natural catastrophes, terrorist onslaughts, and alteration in consumer gustatory sensation and economic recession in the state.

All the factors will do a state to be affected severely when any one of the causes was to happen, particularly if the state relies on touristry excessively much.EscapeIn add-on escape may happen due to the merchandise that tourers have purchased such as goods and services which are imported. Hotels and other touristry related concerns and organisation import products/foods because it is non available locally or non up to the needed criterions of services. The last point in escape would be the net income that the cordial reception companies earn which are owned by foreign proprietors.


PositiveCultureSocial and civilization involves the people ‘s civilization of the state. Tourism creates involvement towards the local humanistic disciplines and trades and traditional cultural activities which includes the cultural life of the local population and architectural traditions.

These aid to advance consciousness of different civilizations and the demand to conserve them which has aesthetic and cultural value and brings Forth responsible cultural touristry. The tourer that goes to see the cultural activities can acquire to see and understand new civilization. In add-on, they would cut down negative perceptual experience on the civilization because they have experienced it themselves. The publicity of civilizations instills cultural pride to visitants.ToleranceFor illustration, in Singapore, the tolerance degree is high and it is a norm for the locals because they are already populating among different races with different cultural backgrounds.NegativeLanguage barrierIn some states the linguistic communication that tourists speak may non be apprehensible. For illustration, an English adult male goes to Malaysia but the locals merely cognize how to talk Malay that would ensue in a linguistic communication barrier.Bad feelingTourist who visits a state would hold a bad feeling on the state through the bad wonts that locals have come to be equipped with.

For illustration, urinating or ptyalizing in populace would hold a bad image on the state.Cultural struggleWhen one civilization comes in contact with another civilization sometimes the two different cultured personals may non match and ensue in a cultural struggle. There are values, believes and other factors which causes the dissension which may ensue in struggles.Lost of genuinenessHowever one negative point to observe that is go oning all over the universe is that visitants desire to see the civilization of the state they visit such as the ritual dance or public presentation merely done on particular occasions and these are done about every twenty-four hours to fulfill the tourers ‘ demands through paying tourer groups. There would be hazards on the locals, in clip they may bury the true significance of the pattern and lose the genuineness which includes traditional objects sold as keepsakes.

( The Social & A ; Cultural Impacts of Tourism )


PositiveUpgradedFor the technological system to maintain up with the touristry tendencies and needs the system besides have to be upgraded, be it rush, easier entree or user friendliness. Improvements have been made to the cyberspace engagement system which leads to more efficient and time-saving engagement so hence able to provide to more tourers at one clip. Peoples can besides look into out the finishs they prefer to see online before booking tickets.ComfortThe comfort of the coachs, boats and air hoses have besides improved. For illustration, the Airbus A380 has a broad place and besides private suites. For coachs, there are massage seats and even a KTV room.

These new installations and extra fringe benefits would pull more people to go. Not burying the upgraded substructures such as the roads, hotels and other comfortss.NegativeInternet jobsOn the downside, utilizing on-line cyberspace engagements will ensue in a higher prone to victimize. A website precisely may be designed like a travel company but it is non the reliable web site and this may ensue in recognition card fraud. Problems on the cyberspace may happen such as the engagements that did non transact or connexion jobs in the center of engagements.ReappraisalsAnother negative impact on engineering would be that the cyberspace is where people are able to compose reappraisals freely about a state that may engraft a negative position on a certain state after reading these negative reappraisals and reject to see the finish.


PositiveIn the people ‘s positions, the impact of touristry to the environment is normally negative, but there are positive impacts done to seek equilibrate the impact more to the positive.

What is done is by exciting tourers to protect the environment like the landscape and wildlife. Tourism can besides assist to advance the constitution of National Park and Wildlife Reserves and World Wildlife Fund ( WWF – WWF ) . Other so the wildlife touristry can besides advance the savings of memorials like what the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( What is it? What does it make? – About UNESCO | UNESCO.ORG ) is making. The least that tourers can make is to supply the contributions to assist the all the saving organisations or paying for entryway charges to historic edifices, heritage sites and wildlife home grounds.

( Environmental Impacts of Tourism )NegativeLitterThe negative impact on touristry is largely the litter produced from what they eat and use which increases the overall litter in the state. More litter means pollution to the sea and beaches. Litter consists of plastic which are non-biodegradable and would do many jobs if non disposed of suitably. Animals that are in contact with these fictile points may acquire caught in them or they may get down them and decease.

CongestionsThe addition of tourer besides increases congestion in overcrowding and traffic jams. The tourers who visit natural sites like the wood would ensue in foot way eroding and kill the workss they step on. The biggest impact done is the addition in attractive forces and edifices like hotels which besides take up a batch of resources in power and H2O.Clearing of landLand are being clear to do manner for all these and even do aesthetic pollutions but besides detrimental or upseting the wildlife home grounds.

The land that are being cleared are normally forest or rainforest which contains 1000000s of different animals and workss, by uncluttering it some wildlife will decease others would occupy the metropolis countries like people ‘s places which would be killed or hurt. Plants that may hold medicative remedy to diseases may besides be cleared and all would be gone everlastingly.

4 How can Singapore maintain and heighten its popularity in the hereafter and get the better ofing the challenges?

The competition of Singapore with other states has been a challenge but it has made it.

Bing the first to make what others have non. Examples like that F1 Night race and the coming 2010 young person Olympics will be held in Singapore as the first of its sort. The demand for Singapore to remain competitory is the advanced thoughts and the program to put to death these events. In 2005, the Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. Lim Hng Kiang showed the planning that is being done to treble Tourism Receipts ( TR ) to S $ 30 billion, duplicating visitant reachings ( VA ) to 17 million, and making an extra 100,000 occupations in the services sector by 2015.

1.7 Analysis

Tourism is like a merchandise and there is the merchandise life rhythm. Singapore is merely at its growing phase with a great sum of room for betterment.

With the approaching Youth Olympic, the growing will increase because in the hereafter there would be more new attractive forces like the two new integrated resorts and subject Parkss to hike the economic system. Although there still possibly a few disadvantages and negative impacts, Singapore can better and command the curses. Bing a little state may hold its disadvantage. However, it is that because it is little that it is more easy manageable compared to a large state and its size has transformed to an advantage. Singapore is able to increase touristry whether now or in the hereafter despite the negatives. By looking at the PESTE and SWOT analysis done, Singapore is missing in some country. Land is one primary point that is inevitable. Other than that, Singapore ‘s amusement and attractive forces are limited to merely a few from museums to theme Parkss.

There are presently available amusements but the size and sum of one attractive force is limited. Natural attractive forces are besides really scarce, of which most are manmade. Resources like electricity and H2O in Singapore is limited and to command the sum of tourers ingestion would be really hard. The historic sites are being bend to a more modern looking edifices which loses its reliable expression.


6 Recommendations

The current touristry state of affairs in Singapore is making rather good and accomplishing the 2015 would non be a job with all the new attractive forces and events coming up. However presently there are advantages and disadvantages in Singapore, the advantage Singapore has now should be maintained and improved. The disadvantages should be overcome or reduced to be competitory in the hereafter.

Enhancement of success factorsThe current advantages Singapore is being one of the safest states with low offense rates for. Natural catastrophes have a lower per centum of impacting Singapore because it is being surrounded by other states. The Singapore economic system is one of the strongest in the south East Asia and this improves the image and besides attracts more tourers every bit good as the young person Olympics followed on by the new incorporate resorts that are opening in early 2010.

Singapore could add more advanced engineering to the society to heighten the criterions of life to do the visit better and easier for visitants. Making the attractive forces bigger and more entertaining such as adding more drives or installations to a H2O subject park or include more historic memorial in the museums are besides enhancement factors.Get the better ofing the challengesWhat Singapore deficiency is the experience needed to hold a better criterion of service. The service provided is non up to standard because the exposure of service was introduced tardily. Laws in Singapore are a small excessively rigorous non even leting masticating gum or bird eating. The biggest challenge would be the resources that Singapore does non hold. Singapore compensates these defects by utilizing the new engineering like the green solar panels that produce electricity could be implanted at the top of roof on edifices.

Sustainable touristry is the best pattern for Singapore so that they will make minimum harm or perturbation to the local and environment, at the same clip without diminishing the tourer enjoyment.

1.8 Decision

The touristry industry in Singapore can be a really utile component in the state ‘s economic system. However there are many other grounds they can be helpful excessively. The greatest advantage of touristry is that it helps in the economic system.

That is the ground for about every state. They are advancing touristry and seeking to pull people to their state. Similarly, without touristry, Singapore would lose three per cent of Singapore ‘s GDP and more than S $ 12 billion in touristry grosss. ( Ministry of Trade and Industry: Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) ) Looking at the PEST and SWOT analysis states can assist understand and better the touristry and expression after the locals so both party would derive reciprocally. Throughout the whole research there are many advantages and disadvantages, positives and negatives. However the balance of bad can be controlled with good administration and societal duty which the media and other touristry related companies can educate the populace.