* The purpose of the tracking log is to make sure that there is a log of patient information being release and why it is being released. To whom it is being release and by whom it is being released. The log is also necessary to ensure that information is being released under the proper guidelines. It serves as a verification of information released and proof of that information being released. Why do disclosures need to be tracked? It is important for disclosures to be tracked in order to hold organizations accountable for the release of information.

It is also necessary to make sure that the proper guidelines are being met by the facilities releasing the information. Possible issues that may arise if the disclosures are not tracked. * If disclosures are not tracked properly there would be no proof that the information had ever been released. If there is no tracking of disclosures there is also the possibility that information would not be released properly.

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There is a possibility of an audit by CMS which would result in further investigations by this organization. If this were to happen I would assume that possible fines could be given or licenses could be pulled if further guidelines were not met upon completion of that investigation. Also, there is the possibility that the facility would lose the opportunity to collect monies from certain insurance companies who have discrepancies regarding the release of information.