Super Markets have become more competitive with their prices and private labeling. There are many different super markets that people go to for cheaper prices and good quality food. Trader Joe’s is a super market that sells food for a great value, people enjoy the prices at Trader Joe’s. Their importance is about customer service and helping people save more money. Trader Joe’s is a privately held company which is an independently owned business.

They use their promotions via mail and also by word of mouth, so everyone can talk about it.Trader Joe’s also uses the Web for information about the company and how it grew from new products that have arrived in stores and also whats going on for sale. Trader Joe’s retail is that its strategy main focuses are customer service, private labels, high sales of imported and organic foods and use of word of mouth promotions. Trader Joe’s care about all theses main focuses because that keeps the company growing. Trader Joe’s really care more than whom about customer service because they believe that its number one priority. Trader Joe’s appears to be a low-price operations with low costs and low profit margins.They will upgrade their products carried and improve facilities and customer service.

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They will also become more vulnerable to new discounters with lower cost structures. The vertical marketing system used by Trader Joe’s is that they are a privately held company, which is a independently owned business along a channel of distribution. About twenty percent of Trader Joe’s suppliers are located overseas. This also enables the chain to have excellent products such as pastas imported from Italy, grape leaves from Greece, eastern European jams and jellies and French dessert.

It is a perfect merchandise sourcing and also a hard strategy for competitors to copy. Trader Joe’s has now 250 stores in 22 different states worldwide. Traditional supermarkets effectively can compete against Trader Joe’s by promotions. Traditional supermarkets uses their freestanding advertising with inserts and coupon offers. Most supermarkets that are well known have a lot of promotions because they are the ones that are mostly well known. Trader Joe’s promotional strategy relies on its quarterly “fearless flyer” this is a via sent mail and it is also distributed in its stores.Trader Joe’s use this “fearless flyer” that has outlines of features of specific products by using a unusual sense of humor, including cartoons and delicious recipes.

Trader Joe’s also more based on word of mouth, which is spreading the word to customers, neighbors. Trader Joe’s can effectively use the Web by sending mostly anything they can think of. First to gather their customers e-mail addresses, so they can send out updates from new products, coupons and what’s going on sale for the week. The Web is a great source because its the most popular source as of today.Trader Joe’s already uses mail to send out flyers and coupons to customers.

The Web is a great way to send out information about the company because customers would like to know information about the store. Mostly ever supermarket has a website that has plenty of information from sales, store hours, recipes, jobs and also the business’ history and how it improved. The Web is very convenient for all different companies around the world to share what they have to share with us.

We know more about the store and what they selling inside.Trader Joe’s, is a low-priced independently owned business that strives to benefit their customers by delivering them the necessities they need at a low cost and is a convenient way. This business competes against traditional supermarkets.

Trader Joe’s uses different techniques on advertising by using flyers that stand out to people and also have recipes which are beneficial to the customer. Their website is not only informative but helpful as well. Trader Joe’s offers much more for much less than traditional supermarkets.