For my opinion, Traditional Hawaiian Religion would be orthoprax. The definit ion of orthoprax religion is to emphasize practice, or adherence to the law that prob ably fits the description of Traditional Hawaiian Religion. Religion was the paramount asp ect of Hawaiian life, permeating every daily activity, every aspect of secular affairs, and every s ignificant event, such as birth, marriage, death, house construction, fishing, agriculture, and war. Also the most important things were the regular calendrical celebrations to ensure the people ‘s prosperity and wellbeing.

All activities were accompanied by appropriate rites religious ceremonies, and prayers to establish and maintain proper relations with the s pirits. Going through the Traditional Hawaiian Religion, I come up with two evidences for it s to be orthoprax that are the kapu system and the Makahiki season. The kapu system was forbidden and sacred law system that ruled over almost every act of Hawaiian life. It included thousands of rules which identified what peop le could and could not do. The kapu system was based on beliefs about mana. It doesn’t m atter they believe in the kapu system or not, they just followed the rules.

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The people beli eved that reaking the kapu would bring the anger of the gods on themselves and their community. Therefore, they made every effort to follow the kapu set down by the ali’i. It e mphasizes about the practice more than faith for the kapu system. The second things want to mention is the Makahiki season, a time of ancient ceremonies celebrating the arrival of Lono with four months vacation.