With the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization,more problems are brought to our attention.

One of them is traffic jams. The reasons can be listed as follows . For one thing,it’s cheaper to buy a car than a few years ago.

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In previous years,a car was a luxury that Chinese families cannot afford,but cars are now becoming more accessible to the common people because of the reduction of the price. Therefore we can see so many cars driving on the road.For another reason,with the people’s needs for transport facilities increasing substantially , the road network is far from rational. Stimulated by high demand , the number of private cars has increased at an average annual rate of over 30 percent .

Therefore , restricted road can’t meet the requirement of the increasing cars. Although traffic jams has brought inconvenience to us,it seems that people are not prepared to give up their cars and use other forms of transport. Here are a variety of reasons for it. First,owning a car is a metaphor of one’s status.Generally, a man who have a car may be richer than a man who goes by bus. Second,car is more express compared with bus or bicycle. In a survey conducted by a well-known magazine,it takes us one hour to go to your destination by bus.

While you may save half an hour if you have a car. Then,how should we solve this problem? Here are some suggestions,which may be of some help. One way is to call upon common people to use bicycle in place of car,which can not only reduce traffic jams but also decline air pollution.Another way is to make it well known that everybody have a consensus what the less cars people use,the less traffic jams people have. This can be the most cornerstone way of solution. Faced with the seriousness of traffic jams,it’s high time that we were conscious of it and improved it by our own action,such as finding a substitute or promoting the public traffic system. Only in this way can we see a more quiet and cleaner city than before.