Postmortem Mall-Nut has completed the 2-day training successfully. The next step is to conduct a project post-mortem review. The review will be used to determine the highlights and success of the project and to indicate what could have gone better. With the latter, the team will brainstorm possible improvements for the next time training must be done in this fashion.

The benefits of holding a post-mortem review include allowing the team closure on the project, giving the team an opportunity to celebrate the success of the project, and to continue improving the process for future teams. Including the project team in the review gives them a positive feeling as he or she can voice their concerns and positives about the process. This will enable him or her to feel like a valuable asset to the company, which brings its own long-term effects. Drawbacks to a post-mortem must be dealt with promptly.Because the team members have spent a significant amount of time preparing for this training, any negative comments could be taken the wrong way and the meeting end in anger not he positive atmosphere intended through the process.

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On the other hand, the team may be so excited about the success of the project; they do not look at the negatives and learn any lessons from them. To keep this from occurring, an agenda for the meeting, with times for each section, will be distributed to attendees. A time keeper will be appointed to keep the meeting on track.The facilitator of the meeting will strictly adhere to the agenda and time after the meeting will be given to those still needing more discussion. The stakeholders and project team will participate in this meeting.

These include 1. The sponsor from the corporate office 2. The project manager 3. The project team members The participants will also be a part of this meeting via the survey each took at the end of the training session. A set of questions will be given to the review team before the meeting.

This will allow time for reflection enabling the members to answer the questions adequately before the meeting.These questions will include an avenue to express the lessons learned throughout the project. The review team will know from the project members what went well so that successful processes or tasks can be repeated for the next training. They will also determine what did not go well and look at ways the problems could have been conducted differently.

This will allow the next training team insight into changes that should be made to help that project flow more smoothly. Training for Inventory Tracking Upgrade – Postmortem By Mutant