Over the years, Liwayway Magazine is striving to make its magazine better and more appealing to people by improving some of its features like its physical attributes and articles.

The magazine has a glossy multihued cover and the size is made bigger by 1 inch than the normal size of the old Liwayway. The content was also improved with superior novels by veteran writers like Efren Abueg, Gilda Olvidado, Elena Patron and Lualhati Bautista. Most of its contents remain the same true to the taste of its loyal readers. It has been able to stay in the market for its uniqueness and satisfaction that it brings to the Filipino readers.It also serves as a reminder of how diverse and beautiful Philippine Literature is. It survived with the help of the readers being an avid subscriber since 1922 which passed through generation to generations. Liwayway Magazine has survived and continuously surviving under the new management of Manila Bulletin moving ahead with the new strategies to improve the magazine and to better serve the people. On our personal interview with the people who are currently subscribed to Liwayway Magazine, we conclude that the magazine is more appealing to women than men especially the ones who stay at home for they use it as their outlet for entertainment.

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Most readers of this magazine are from rural areas with low educational attainment. This only implies that Liwayway Magazines appeals more to the masses and not just only to a mature crowd but to the younger ones also. Readers’ common reason for not being able to avail of it is the lack of time to purchase the magazine (it is only available every Monday, stocks are easily sold out on the same day) and its weak distribution. The readers find Liwayway Magazine to be entertaining, informative, educational and interesting. These are the reasons why they continue to patronize the magazine.Literacy articles such as novels, short stories, comic strips and poems are mostly the preferred part of the readers. The ability of the Magazine to enhance Filipino culture through its usage of the Filipino language and its culture-driven articles make the Magazine more distinct and appealing to people who even lives in urban area. The main contribution of readers of Liwayway Magazine to its survival is the buying capacity of the people.

The readers have motivated the publishers of Liwayway magazine to continuously serve and entertain them through subscribing, reading and most of all believing in the essence of its existence.Liwayway Magazine serves as a tool of communication to its readers for the past decades. It was already successful in building a reputable image to the people as the countries pioneer local magazine.

This only implies that the history of the magazine has a big contribution to its survival and popularity to the people. Recently, the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) recently paid tribute to Liwayway magazine for its 88-year contribution to enriching Filipino literature in a ceremony held at AdMU’s Loyola Heights campus in Quezon City.