When I heard about the Newtown incident. I felt truly bad for all those guiltless kids and instructors. Since Newtown is reasonably close to Shelton. everyone was scared and speaking about it. A batch of people stopped experiencing safe after this. Our school reacted to this incident by locking all of the entrywaies to the school. I was really baffled on why that adult male would make such a thing and I couldn’t stop thought about it because it was all over the intelligence. It’s a chilling thing to believe that something like this could go on so near to where you live.

I was so frightened for all of their friends and households because they will hold to travel through this for their whole lives. This happened right before Christmas excessively. so their households won’t be able to see Christmas with them either.

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Besides. they had their full lives in front of them when it comes to birthdays. graduations. and nuptialss. holding childs of their ain.

and following their dreams. I besides feel bad for the instructors because they are work forces and adult females who devote their lives to educate those kids. I besides was confused because I heard that he had killed his female parent merely earlier and everyone was believing. what was incorrect with this adult male?Now.

no 1 likely will travel to that school once more. Besides. a batch of people moved because of this incident and I don’t fault them. I would non experience safe in that town either. Even some people in Connecticut do non experience safe. I’m truly glad that people are doing contributions to Newtown and holding fund raisers for them.

I am proud to state that I besides donated in one of those fund raisers. I merely can’t image the children’s confused faces as they hear gun shootings and they’re learning escorting them out of the school. This incident should actuate everyone to ever love your life and live it while you can because you ne’er know what could go on.As I went on through the twenty-four hours. a friend of mine told me his cousin lives in Newtown and he was scared for them. I tried to do him loosen up and do him experience better and I walked on through the halls even more and I saw many childs shouting because of the incident. Finally. I got place and looked up on the cyberspace about Newtown and there were many narratives about what happened and different positions and sentiments.

I am trusting that this influences all schools to beef up their security and possibly even have drills on where to travel.I’m non certainly on my sentiment of guns. I think they should be removed from the state but I think they shouldn’t be removed. I think they should be removed because of incidents like these and much more force but I think they shouldn’t be removed because some Americans won’t experience safe if they don’t have anything for self-defence. On the other manus. my parents and friends think different.

Most people think they should take guns off but others think it would be unsafe to non hold one if you’re that type of individual. I am more on the side of censoring guns because a batch of incidents have happened with guns and people could misapply them like the cat that killed all of those guiltless immature kids. I’m truly confused on why he did it because I don’t believe he had anything against those kids or instructors or even his female parent.