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During the fall term I took the category Trigonometry with Mrs. Rudolph. Overall. the category wasn’t that difficult and I understood the content nevertheless. because of my deficiency of clip direction and cunctation I failed the category. As a redress for the concluding. I have been given the chance to go through the category with an independent survey. For this independent survey I will hold to compose a 6-page paper that includes the errors I made and the lessons I have learned. It will besides include the assignments I missed. the deficiency of my clip direction. and the ends I have set for myself in the hereafter. My concluding class in Trigonometry for the Fall Term was a 61 % . I do non believe this mark truly represents my ability. I believe this because I procrastinated and clowned around a batch of the clip. For illustration: I would wait until the twenty-four hours before the trial to get down analyzing. I subsequently on learned that this tool is non made for success. Another illustration: I would jest around with my schoolmates all the clip even when they were seeking to work. so I realized this tool is non a good tool for success.

There are many assignments that I failed to finish ; Assistment: Probability & A ; Data Analysis Review. Assistment: Unit of measurement 1 LT1. Wendy’s Letter. Assistment: Trig Unit 2: LT1. Assistment Unit 2 Quiz. Assistment: Unit of measurement 2 LT9 HW. Assistment: Unit of measurement 3 LT4 HW. Assistment: Unit of measurement 4 Pre Assessment. Parent Signed Grade Report. Unit 4 LT1 LT2 LT3 Notes. Assistment: Reviewing Unit of measurements 1-3. Separate 1 Turned In On Time. Design Challenge – Part 1. Design Challenge – Part 2. Separate 2 Turned In On Time. Assistment: Unit of measurement 4 Pretest. Unit 4 Pretest Corrections. and Final Assistment HW: Semester Reflection. Along with incompletions I besides had many non-masteries ; Unit 1: LT1 – LT4 Quiz. Unit 2 Test. Assistment: Unit 3 Review Quiz. Unit 3 Test. Unit 3 Mastery Project. Unit 5 LT1 Quiz 1. Unit Circle Quiz. Unit 5 Calculator Test. Unit 5 No Calculator Test. Unit 6 Test. Final Exam Review Presentation. Final Exam. Though a batch of my assignments were unmastered and even more of my assignments were non completed. I vow non to reiterate the errors I have made before. Time direction was a really big factor and had a great consequence on my opportunity to gain command during last semester.

I did stall repairing many of my assignments that could hold been fixed much more articulately and seasonably than they were. I am traveling to pull off my clip over J Term by distributing work out and acquiring it done piece-by-piece day-to-day. Time direction was possibly the biggest issue I had. Alternatively of working a small spot on an assignment everyday until it is due. I would be given to set off everything until the terminal. It ended up going highly nerve-racking so the quality of my work is damaged. However. I learned that clocking my work out over clip would do it easier for me on the terminal and will besides do the assignment easier. A good thought for clip direction is to put up ends for the assignment that I must finish by a certain clip. Then the assignment will acquire done on clip and it won’t seem like excessively much work. If given the chance for an Independent survey I promise non to let down in my clip direction.

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As I goofed of in category and talked to my friends I realized that non merely was I aching myself by non larning but besides aching my equals from deflecting them from making their work. Besides. when I goofed away and the instructor invariably had to disrupt category to halt me and it took clip off for the other pupils to larn. Along with being a distraction to the category I would besides invariably leave to travel to the bathroom. Last while in category I would text my friend across the room therefore deflecting them. Honestly. I was non really engaged in category alternatively my laptop would deflect me. I have now learned that these tactics I used in category were the incorrect pick. non merely for me but for my schoolmates and instructor every bit good. I feel that all in all I could hold been much more engaged in category. I normally stayed reasonably engaged but I wouldn’t ever write down new constructs as we would larn them therefore I would free some of the information I was deriving. I wish that I could hold been more prepared everyday for category. such as if I hadn’t understood something in the lesson to travel place and instantly figure and hole whatever job I was holding.

Honestly I did non stand for my household to the fullest of my capablenesss. I did non execute to the degree that was expected by my household. therefore let downing them. I do non believe my parents would state that have been proud of my work in Trigonometry. Though I did seek to go through the category towards the terminal of the semester my work end product for the beginning was really hapless. I would state my household the truth about my work ethic. I would state them that it was hapless in the beginning of the semester but towards the terminal I buckled down and tried to go through. Unlucky for me by the clip I decided I buckled down it was excessively late in the semester to go through. Sing that my household will hold to drive me to and from my Independent survey the best manner I think to thank them would be to convey place a command class. I realize the work wonts and moralss I used may hold disappointed my household and brought them many displeasures but I promise this Independent Study would give me a opportunity non merely to go through this category but to demo my household that I can set away adequate attempt. Along with that I could turn out to my instructor that I am to the full capable of bettering myself for the better.

I know my parents are ever dismayed when of all time I fail to make my full potency in any capable country. inside or outside of school. so I know that they were disappointed after happening that I did non acquire my trig recognition in first semester. I will thank those who have been and will supply transit for me by being polite and gracious towards them. and ever thanking them for the sort action of taking clip out of their twenty-four hours for me. Over Winter interruption I had many opportunities to reflect on my yesteryear as a pupil of Ms. Rudolf’s trigonometry pupil. During the clip I am in Independent Study I will lose being in a schoolroom environment. but I think that isn’t needfully a bad thing because now I will be able to work to my fullest capableness without acquiring distracted by friends. Along with that this will give me more 1 on 1 clip with the instructor to inquire inquiries. In the hereafter I will acquire work done before I play.

I will do a agenda so mundane I will hold a set clip devoted to Trigonometry. This is non merely do my more organized but will besides give me more clip to be free from concern when I am hanging out. In the hereafter I will hold a calendar in which I will relational out my clip for playday and work. I believe I wasn’t just to myself this semester by passing excessively much clip drop the balling and playing but in the clip to come you will see a for certain alteration. In the hereafter I will do certain to utilize the clip I am given more sagely and non stall so that I may hold more clip to pass on activities outside of school. To carry through this I will use some of my best resources for gaining command. These resources include power points and talks you have provided for us. trusted Internet sites/resources ( assistment. violet math. etc. ) . and the aid and counsel of you and my equals.

My ends in approaching categories are to gain 90 % or higher and accomplish command. I will make these ends by pull offing my clip more sagely. I will pull off my clip more sagely by going more organized. plotting out a calendar that directs me on what I need to make. making an neat organized infinite for myself so that I can work rapidly in it. and making allotted clip for interruptions so that I do non overpower myself or over compensate and procrastinate.

Since I am in Metro High School. I am rather lucky to acquire 2nd opportunities to go through a category. In a normal high school the class you get in a category is what goes on the transcript and what colleges see. However. in Metro if you do non go through a category the first clip you get 2nd opportunities such as. independent surveies. or recapturing the category. I realized that in college. there isn’t a command system intending the class you get is what you get. This made me recognize that it is necessary to alter my work moralss and clip direction. For one. I need to to the full pay attending in category. Meaning no distractions such as laptops. Skype. texting. or drop the balling off. Another ethic I need to alter is clip direction. Last. I will non stall on undertakings and assignments. In the hereafter I need to be able to demo my best work the first clip through because I won’t ever acquire 2nd opportunities. In college they don’t run on a command system and if I don’t make good the first clip though i’m stuck with the class I get. I will execute otherwise in my staying Metro categories by pull offing my clip sagely. doing a strong attempt. and by seeking to ever work to my full potency. When I do make college I will go on utilizing those accomplishments and so many ways of transporting them out that I have learned from my clip at Metro.

It would intend so much to me if you would give me the opportunity to be enrolled in an independent survey for your category over J Term. I need this recognition and I know now that I can clasp down and complete and understand the work I was assigned during first semester. I see know the errors I made in pull offing my clip and I will non do them during J Term or during following semester. I did non originally gain command because I non merely lost my sense of clip in the category. but my sense of motive. Can I delight hold an Independent Study for your category? I promise if you give me that chance I will non let down. On Friday I wasn’t able to work to my full capableness because I was contending with a immense febrility. Please give me this chance to turn out to you that I do understand your category. I hope you allow me make this it would be a great aid. and I promise if you do you will be amazed what I can make. Making this will open so many new doors for me in mathematics. Along with that if I were to neglect your category I would be one recognition short of gateway.