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Tuesdays With Morrie Essay, Research Paper

Life & # 8217 ; s Greatest Lesson

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Morrie Schwartz was an intelligent, interesting senior citizen that touched

a batch of people, particularly Mitch Albom. Morrie passed on a batch of his cognition

in the last few months of his life, due to amyotrophic lareral induration ( ALS ) . This

paper will touch on Morrie & # 8217 ; s doctrine of life, what he says is of import and

valuable, and besides the battles and jobs of life. I will besides compare

Morrie & # 8217 ; s message with other doctrines and besides give my sentiment about

Morrie & # 8217 ; s theory of human nature and doctrine of life.

Morrie & # 8217 ; s doctrine of life is full of many thoughts and to better understand it

it & # 8217 ; s easier to interrupt it down into parts. One of the doctrines was to care for

household and to be more unfastened about your emotions so that you will non repent it

when you or a loved one dies. Another one of Morrie & # 8217 ; s doctrines is to be

unfastened to forgiveness the undermentioned quotation mark shows how Morrie regrets non forgiving

one of his closest friends. & # 8220 ; Over the old ages, I met Norman a few times and he

ever tried to accommodate, but I didn & # 8217 ; t accept it. I wasn & # 8217 ; t satisfied with his

account. I was disdainful. Mitch & # 8230 ; a few old ages ago & # 8230 ; he died of malignant neoplastic disease. I ne’er

got to forgive him & # 8221 ; ( Albom p. 166 ) . That quotation mark showed how Morrie profoundly

declinations non forgiving his friend, for something he should hold, and how non

forgiving him will trouble oneself him for the remainder of his life.

Another portion of Morrie & # 8217 ; s doctrine has to make with civilization. The following

quotation mark shows how strongly he felt about the manner American people should populate.

& # 8220 ; You start doing money a God. It is all portion of this civilization & # 8230 ; ..The small things I

can obey. But the large things- how we think, what we value- those you must

take yourself. You can & # 8217 ; t allow anyone or any society determine those for you & # 8221 ;

( Albom p.154-155 ) . This quotation mark shows that Morrie does non hold with the manner

many American people live their life. Many let the civilization state them how to populate

their life but his doctrine is that you must be your ain individual and Don & # 8217 ; t allow

anyone else state you how to populate.

Morrie put a batch of accent on what is of import and valuable in his

doctrine of life. One value that he felt really strongly about was that people

expression at material things to judge others alternatively of looking on the interior and acquiring

to cognize them. One quotation mark that supports this statement says how we should non

depend on material things to happen felicity and love. & # 8220 ; They were encompassing

material things and anticipating a kind of clinch back. But it ne’er works. You can & # 8217 ; T

utility stuff things for love or for gradualness or for tenderness or for a

sense of chumminess & # 8221 ; ( Albom p. 125 ) . This quotation mark shows one of Morrie & # 8217 ; s

strongest values, it tells how he felt about money and material points. Morrie felt

that people look to much at what others have and base their friends on money.

You can non turn to autos, money, or sign of the zodiacs to acquire love and be liked by others.

If person is your true friend they will love you for who you are and non what you


Morrie besides had thoughts on the challenges faced by worlds and our homo

nature. He highlighted some of the battles and jobs faced by most

worlds. The undermentioned quotation mark shows how Morrie felt about people establishing their

lives on money alternatively of simple pleasances. & # 8220 ; Morrie had ever been taken with

simple pleasances, vocalizing, express joying, dancing. Now, more than of all time, stuff

things held small or no significance & # 8230 ; We & # 8217 ; ve got a signifier of brainwashing traveling on in

our state & # 8230 ; ..More money is good, more belongings is good, more commerce

is good & # 8230 ; The mean individual is so fogged up by all this, he has no position

on what & # 8217 ; s truly of import anymore & # 8221 ; ( Albom p. 124-125 ) . This quotation mark shows how

Morrie feels about the state and the manner people live. He sees more pleasance

in simple things such as vocalizing and dance, but the American people look at

pleasance as holding more money than person else or more belongings. Morrie

sees this as being a large job in the state today. He feels that people

should be themselves and have fun without looking at how much they own.

To better understand Morrie & # 8217 ; s doctrine I will compare and contrast it

with some other doctrines. First, compare the doctrine of Karl Marx to

Morries & # 8217 ; . One point that Marx and Morrie would hold on would likely be

what Marx calls historical determinism. Historical determinism harmonizing to Marx

is how we respond to history in predictable ways. It & # 8217 ; s how we have freewill to

alteration and react to things ( Stevenson p. 140 ) . Morrie would back up this theory

and could utilize the illustration of non forgiving his friend. He had the freewill to

take wether to forgive and how he reacted when his friend died and his

opportunity to forgive him was gone.

The following point Marx makes is that there is no single human nature.

Every action of every human potentially effects others ( Stevenson p. 140 ) .

Morrie would hold by stating that what one individual does can greatly consequence other

people. For illustration how the laughter of other people makes him experience good, but

the sorrow other people have for him and his unwellness makes him experience bad.

Last, Marx says that the largest impact on persons is their work

( Stevenson p. 140 ) . Morrie would besides greatly agree with this because of how he

looks down upon the people who are caught up in material things. He talked a

batch of how worlds are caught up in work, and material things in general.

Morrie and Marx would likely differ on a batch of things and the first

one would be the first point in Marx & # 8217 ; s theory. Marx says that economic science is the


to all history and it’s the manner we understand society and persons. He

goes on to state money and wealth affect us personally and that it & # 8217 ; s our single

human nature. Morrie might hold that this is how society is but he would

disagree that it & # 8217 ; s the manner society should be. As I stated in the paragraph before

Morrie looked down upon those who thought money and material things proved

who you were.

The 2nd doctrine I will compare to Morrie is Jean Paul Sarte.

Sarte & # 8217 ; s chief point is called Aesthetic Extentialism, which has three parts. Morrie

would hold with the first portion which states that we value the person. Every

person is a alone being that has it & # 8217 ; s ain intent in life ( Stevenson p. 170 ) .

Some of Morrie & # 8217 ; s chief points besides province that a person should be valued as

being alone in it & # 8217 ; s ain manner. Another point Sarte makes is that every person

chooses their ain attitudes, intent, values, and manner of life ( Stevenson p. 170 ) .

Morrie would besides greatly agree with this statement. Morrie says that those

people that choose to value the incorrect things in life or take to hold a grumpy

sad attitude are lost in this universe. Morrie believes you should hold a good

attitude, pick a intent in life to assist others every bit good as yourself, and to ever

value immaterial things over material things.

The portion of the doctrine that Sarte and Morrie would differ on would

be on the subject where Sarte denies the being of one truth. Sarte says that

multiple worlds exist, life is absurd, and life doesn & # 8217 ; Ts make any sense

( Stevenson p.175 ) . Morrie would differ with this statement with out a uncertainty.

The statement about life being absurd would truly trouble oneself Morrie. Morrie says to

ever cherish life and populate it to it & # 8217 ; s fullest. Morrie would likely state Sarte was

care foring the incorrect values and was non looking at life in a immaterial manner.

The last doctrine I will compare with Morrie is one of Simone

DeBeavoir. DeBeavoir has five degrees of humaness she uses to look at all types

of people. Every single fits into one of her five classs harmonizing to her.

Morrie would hold with parts of each degree and disagree with parts of the same

degree. So to better compare these two doctrines I will look at each degree and

province which parts Morrie would hold with and which 1s he would differ


The first degree is calls subhuman, which DeBeavoir says is denial of

humaness. The single sees themselves as locked in and that they have small

significance in their ain life ( Zink category notes ) . Morrie would hold that people

are locked into their lives and have no freedom in some cases. He would

besides on the other manus slightly disagree because he would promote these

people and seek to learn them how to take control of their lives.

The 2nd degree is called serious people, which is when people loose

themselves in objectiveness. These types of people believe there is logic behind

everything, they ne’er admit that they can posses a personal value, and they

ne’er inquiry anything ( Zink ) . Morrie would greatly differ with this type of

individual even though he would hold there are a batch of people out at that place like this.

Morrie is a immense protagonist of inquiries. He believes there is ever a inquiry

to be asked and says you can ne’er inquire to many inquiries.

The 3rd degree of humaness is called the nihilist degree. This type of individual

challenges every set of values, accepts nil, and finds mistake with everything.

They are the type of people who overcome everyone and every thought other

people have ( Zink category notes ) . Morrie would hold with this type of individuals

attitude. He would wish that they challenge everything with their ain thoughts and

that they merely don & # 8217 ; t sit back and do whatever person else says. He would besides

disagree with the individuals attitude about desiring to govern everything and that they

would destroy any thoughts that person else had.

The 4th degree harmonizing to DeBeavoir is called the adventurer. The

adventurer is the type of individual who is absorbed in action. This individual will be a

portion of everything that comes along but there will be no significance or content

behind the individuals action. These types of people ever let you know they are

at that place and look to be independent but are truly dependent on the action ( Zink

category notes ) . Morrie would wholly differ with this type of individual. He would

agree with them desiring to be involved with everything but he would desire them

to be echt and set experiencing into their actions.

The last degree is Passionate, which is explained as the individual who is

ever looking for the reply. This type of individual is the individual who ever

wants more, they seek ownerships but are ne’er fulfilled ( Zink ) . Morrie would

privation to assist this individual, he would desire to reply their inquiries and assist them

happen their replies. He would hold with their demand to happen their reply and that

they ever want more, ever acquire the most out of life.

To sum up this paper I agree with Morrie and his position of homo

nature and his doctrine of life. I think you should ever value household and

friends more than material things. You should besides populate life to the it & # 8217 ; s fullest and

portion your ideas with others because you ne’er know when you or the other

individual might non be around any longer. As for adding anything to Morrie & # 8217 ; s thoughts, I

Don & # 8217 ; t think I would. Morrie & # 8217 ; s doctrine would be a good one to populate by and the

chief point to retrieve would be you ne’er know when the individual you care

approximately will be gone. So state them how you feel about them and portion your

cognition with everyone that you can.