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Last Wednesday. Minister Heng Swee Keat announced a batch of steps to reform the educational system.

In peculiar. I was most pleased with his confidence that school’s would merely put inquiries on the given that the pupils hadn’t accompanied tuition. This would travel some manner in guaranting parents that they don’t have to fall in the tuition rat race. to give their kids the border. But this proclamation by the Minister entirely can non make to cut down our nation’s compulsion with tuition. I To work out this job. I believe it is first of import to recognize that desire of tuition mostly arises from a justified desire for greater individualized attending. Hence instead than see this arrested development on tuition as a merchandise of our “kiasu” civilization.

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we would be more effectual in cut downing the tuition fad if schools tried to offer greater attending to the single demands of pupils.With this in head. I have 3 suggestions to do ; 1 ) In many universities.

professors have designated office hours where pupils can come and run into them if they have any uncertainties or are acute to discourse on certain issues of involvement. It would be good thought to formalise such a system in our national schools every bit good.This would guarantee parents that there exists a system in the school to 2 ) Teach lupus erythematosus. Practice More in category In the current theoretical account. a king of beasts portion of schoolroom clip is allocated to learning of constructs. 3 ) Involving Parents hypertext transfer protocol: //sglinks. com/pages/4630708-singapore-call-relearn-teach-children The Todayonline published a piece entitled “A call to relearn how we teach our children” which described how schools like Changkat Primary School were carry oning workshops for parents to enable them to better assist their pupils. Often what leads many parents to direct their kids for tution at least at the Primary school phase.

is a sense of inaduacy. These workshops can be expanded. enabling parents to offer the kids aid.