Running head: TV Persona“Friends” is an American Television show, previously known as Insomnia Café in the year 1993.

The show continued its journey and ended on May 4, 2004. The story revolves around a group of friends in Manhattan, New York city. David Crane, Marta Kauffman and Kevin Bright in association with Warner Bros television are the key roles for this show.At first, Kauffman and Crane began their idea on friends show and then presented to Bright.

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Finally, Friends premier show began on NBC channel on Thursday at 8:30 pm timeslot. By the end of 2004, it became a very famous show with 52.5 million viewers.

Friends show brought cultural impact on people, especially the Central Perk coffee shop.Many coffee houses changed their decor, inspired by Friends. The decor constitutes the replica coaches, similar paintings of those characters from the series. Even the counters including the neon signage and bricks resemble the same. Many people registered for Central perk coffee shop franchise in nearly 32 countries.

In the year 2006, one Iranian executive by name Mojtaba Asadian started the above. The “Friends” series proved very popular when James Michael Tyler, who plays the role of Gunther, in the series gathered at the Dubai Café. This is the place where he worked as a waiter. The central perk house has great impact on people all over the world.

In the year 2009, At Broadwick Street, Soho, London, people created a replica of the central perk coffee shop.They were selling real coffee, with displays of memorabilia of Friends and Geller cup famous for that season. In Internet also, Friends series have their impact with the remix of “smelly cat”. The original version of it being “The one with the Football” as the internet meme.Reality shows such as Friends have their impact on viewers in an adverse way. For sure, they capture the loyalty of fans and even until today, people are watching “F.R.I.

E.N.D.S” rerun series with attention. Many people do not even know the concept or have thought process. Therefore, they adapt themselves to watch any TV show.However, “Friends” TV show has positively influenced viewers, though some say it is not an intelligent concept.

People admire the “Friends” Cast and Crew because of their show that makes people relax, laugh merrily for thirty minutes.The story line or the theme also attracts lot many people, each episode being funny in its way. The hairstyle of Jennifer Anniston nicknamed, as “The Rachel” has been the heartthrob for many people all around the world. Even people picked phrases such as “How you doing’?” which seems the part of western English slang for greeting friends.Many of the University professors gave report that students used more of these character names as adjectives rather than intensifiers. Therefore, the show has impact on English language, as mentioned by the study of linguistics.Most people chose to get comfort by watching this show after the 9/11 attack.

Regarding the ideology about this “Friends” show, research by University of Alberta has presented that there is endanger to kids especially.The ideology is all about the kids to endanger their innovativeness and the way female roles are as support roles. Wilton concludes about the conservative political ideology intentions of the TV show “Friends”. He says that the Friends TV show is affecting children with ideas of political citizenship and they develop a new outlook towards the world. Producers have made this show happen because of the procedure they follow. Apart from that, the increase in ratings also led them to offer high remuneration for each of the episodes. First, the producers give the outline note of the episodes to the writers.

Then, tabling happens with punching jokes, scripts and scene.Then the table read happens on every Wednesdays around with actors. They run through the whole material with the writers and producers.

If any changes are required, revision is considered. The “Friends” show end happened in the year 2004, when NBC and Warner Bro studios declined to pay any more higher remuneration to the cast and crew.By 2004, the show had been the “Must see” show for ten years.

Nominated for 63 primetime Emmy awards, the show has stood in the top 10 ratings. The cast received salary of $22,500 for each episode in the first season. Later on, the salary ranged from $20,000 to $40,000. Slowly from the third season, the cast asked for individual deals ranging from $75,000 in the third episode to $125,000 in the sixth.As the salaries were increased gradually resulting in $1million per episode, NBC and Warner Bro decided to end the show along with the negotiations with the producers and the cast. The “Friends” comes under comedy genre about six friends who have their uniqueness and when they are at leisure, they spend at the Central perk coffee shop.Beatles song composition is one of the aspects that made the show successful along with the tacky episodes, every other with fun.

It certainly attracts almost all the age groups because it is about how six friends stick be with each other at all times.  The way they group up and support each other through all obstacles or happiness moments is awesome. These aspects are responsible factors for this show’s success. It has managed to appeal all age groups because there is lot of humor involved in this show. The comedy genre perfectly applies here because of the characters and their behavior. The theme is that there is one person Joey who wants to become actor.Monica is someone ideal as a chef who wants to find her love. Ross is another person who loves Rachel, a bubbly girl but spoilt princess kind of nature.

Chandler is Ross’s friend who is good at cracking jokes. Phoebe is another eccentric masseuse. With these members, it is a flat-out comedy show on every Thursday.You can get to know the true value of friendship, the bond they share with each other.

Friends show also helps a person how to share and be with friends even at tough times. It is all about mutual understanding and support among friends with values of affection and esteem.People are very crazy because the show is friendship with humor. There are no edgy details as such for this show. When writers wrote the script at first, they tried to embed romance between Joey and Monica because they are the most sexual in the series. The naming of the episodes is given importance because audience started admiring the show and memorizing with the specific episode names.This show does fulfill human needs.

It makes lot many people all over the world experience friendship in just a 30-minute drive. People can laugh, cry, feel the romance and cherish about friendship and relationship.  ReferencesDavid Wild. (2004).

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