Last updated: June 15, 2019
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Children are not full-fledged TV viewers until they become two-and-a-half. New born babies and toddlers are attracted towards advertisements, cartoons and animations perhaps their ability to extract meaning is definitely low.


Violence in TV is no more new as nowadays disasters, deaths, murders, car smashes, explosions etc. are repeatedly telecasted either in news, serials or movies. Violence shown in serials and movies are more close to reality though it is fake. TV can be assumed to be an electronic baby sitter which preoccupies the kids in one way or the other. This being the case, children are grown up viewing violence and aggressive behavior more than anything else as that is being displayed extremely.

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Let us turn our attention on Video games. Video gaming has gained every individual’s attention irrespective of the age and gender. This is absolutely because of it’s realistic and exciting nature which makes you stick to it for hours together. It is observed that children stay stuck to video games for atleast eight hours a day. Does it look like a good sign- however it is obvisiouly good for the game industry and definitely not for the children. Games emphasize on disastrous aspects like murdering of animals or human, usage of drugs and alcohols, illegal activities, racial discrimination and it has not left sexual activities either. Obscenities and non parliamentary language has become a part and parcel of the life.


If this continues to happen children may be prone to become less sensitive to violent activities, pain  and other mishaps like accidents and disasters. On the other hand, children who are mentally not that  strong and less brave tend to become hyper-sensitive to pain, sufferings and violent activities. Children grow up learning the behavior exhibited by the parents, friends, relatives and peer groups and now they grow up watching TV and playing video games extremely. They tend to grasp aggressive behavior and try to imitate it by reciprocating it on people around them.


The amount of time spend on video games and TV is enormous enough to curb the physical activities of children, thereby paving way to unhealthy physic and retarded growth. Time to be spent on more beneficial activities such as art, outdoor games, cycling, gardening, reading are absolutely curtailed as it is replaced by a sedentary lifestyle.


How does the media and game industry going to compensate for the catostrophe caused? There needs to be a check on the degree of adultry stuff to be shown either on the TV or video games. This can be regulated by the statutory bodies alone by enforcing strict and stringent laws against the projection of extreme adultry stuff. As an act of rectification, Game industry can concentrate on soft games and games that could enhance the knowldege, soft skills and similar healthy stuffs. Media has to aim at creating good programmes which should be both entertaining and informative.


Best role played by a parent to prevent the children from adapting to aggressive behaior could be to monitor the kids when they watch TV and play video games. Parents can sit along with the children and explain them the good and the bad. Stipulated timings can be set for TV watching and video games. It is better to schedule their timing which include interesting and healthy events to keep them diverted from the TV watching and video games.


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