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Twelfth Night 4 Essay, Research Paper

Twelfth Night, or What You Will ( a Later Festive Comedy )

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In Illyria, the Duke of Illyria, Orsino states he is ill in love with

Olivia. Valentine studies to him, nevertheless, that she will non see him

any other adult male for seven old ages while she mourns the decease of her male parent

and brother ( both died within the last six months ) . On the seashore,

Viola and her ship & # 8217 ; s captain come ashore after their ship sinks. Viola

frights her twin brother Sebastian is drowned, but the captain thinks he

saved himself by keeping onto the drifting mast. Upon larning that she is in Illyria, governed by Orsino, she convinces the captain to assist mask her as a male so that she may go a servant to Orsino, and it seems, possibly seek to win his love. At Olivia & # 8217 ; s house, her uncle, Sir Toby Belch, comes place tardily, rummy as usual, while Olivia & # 8217 ; s lady-in-waiting Maria lets him in. Soon, Toby & # 8217 ; s imbibing brother Sir Andrew Aguecheek shows up. Andrew tells Toby he & # 8217 ; ll caput for place the following twenty-four hours, since Olivia won & # 8217 ; t allow him court her, but Toby convinces him to remain with them another month and promises to seek harder to acquire Olivia to wish him ( Andrew ) . Back at the Duke & # 8217 ; s castle, he asks Viola ( feigning to be a male retainer named Cesario ) to near Olivia and court her on his behalf. Viola ( as Cesario ) promises to make so, but in private reveals she will non seek hard, since she desires Orsino. At Olivia & # 8217 ; s house, Olivia and her servant Feste ( aka Clown ) trade humors when Maria and Toby ( rummy as usual ) tell her Viola ( as Cesario ) is at the door. Learning Viola is come from Orsino, Olivia tells her steward Malvolio to direct him off. Finally, though, she agrees to see Viola. Viola speaks to Olivia about Orsino and really attempts to state her how to distance herself from him. While Viola speaks, Olivia really starts to fall in love with her ( as Cesario ) . When Olivia makes a base on balls at Viola, she rapidly shuns Olivia off. After Viola leaves, Olivia even has Malvolio direct her ring after her ( as Cesario ) .When Viola receives the ring from Malvolio, she realizes Olivia & # 8217 ; s new love for her and wonders how things will work out now that Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Viola ( as Cesario ) , and Viola loves Orsino. At the seashore, Sebastian Tells Antonio ( the captain that rescued Sebastian, but non Viola ) of his frights that Viola is drowned. Sebastian caputs toOrsino & # 8217 ; s tribunal, and, though Antonio knows he has enemies at that place, he follows Sebastian out of commiseration for his predicament. At Olivia & # 8217 ; s house, Toby and Andrew drink into the dark, while the buffoon entertains them. Maria appears and Toby starts chat uping with her. Malvolio, though, shows up and attempts to botch the merriment. After he leaves, Maria tells Toby, Andrew, and the Clown how she plans to flim-flam Malvolio into believing Olivia is in love with him by writing love letters to him in Olivia & # 8217 ; s manus. Individually, Andrew tells Toby he is running out of money while he tries to win Olivia, and if he fails, he & # 8217 ; ll fault Toby. At the Duke & # 8217 ; s castle, the clown sings vocals of love, while Viola and Orsino discuss the qualities of love. Orsino commands Viola attack Olivia once more with his salutation, even though Viola insists Olivia will non be moved. In

Olivia & # 8217 ; s garden, Toby, Andrew, Olivia & # 8217 ; s servant Fabian, and Maria fell

and listen to Malvolio pompously dream of his & # 8220 ; impending & # 8221 ; matrimony to

Olivia, the thought placed in his head by Maria & # 8217 ; s delusory letters.

Viola comes back to Olivia & # 8217 ; s house to speak to her for Orsino, but

Olivia declares to Viola that she loves her ( as Cesario ) . Andrew once more

announces he & # 8217 ; s go forthing, but Toby and Fabian once more convince him to remain, converting him he should duel Viola ( as Cesario ) to affect Olivia to love him. Individually, Toby admits to Fabian he merely keeps Andrew arou

neodymium to utilize his money for intoxicant. Sebastian and Antonio arrive in Illyria and Sebastian decides to tour the town, so run into Antonio at the Elephant Inn. At Olivia’s house, Malvolio approaches Olivia and makes progresss to her, but she thinks him mad. When Toby, Maria, and Fabian appear, Malvolio treats them like they are basal and he is royal, doing them to express joy hilariously behind his dorsum. Andrew appears with his outrageously doltishly worded challenge to Viola and Toby promises to present it. Toby comes to Viola ( who had been talking with Olivia ) and tells her ( as Cesario ) that Andrew, a most ferocious and awful knight, has a wrangle with her and will duel her. This greatly fears Viola, but Fabian promises to seek to quiet Andrew. Individually, Toby tells Andrew that Viola is ferocious and unstoppable. Toby gets the two to duel, both fearing the other, when Antonio appears and interruptions it up, believing Viola to be Sebastian. Military officers of the Duke so look and collar Antonio by order of Orsino. Antonio, believing Viola to be Sebastian, asks for the money back that he lent Sebastian earlier. Viola, non cognizing what he means, denies she knows him ( though offers him money onloan ) , angering him and naming her disloyal. The officers lead him off while Viola realizes the confusion and finds new hope that Sebastian is alive. After Viola leaves, Toby and Fabian egg Andrew on farther to one time once more duel Viola ( as Cesario ) .

Outside Olivia & # 8217 ; s house, the buffoon follows Sebastian around ( believing

him Viola ) take a firm standing his name is Cesario and that Olivia desires to see him. This annoys Sebastian and he bids the buffoon to go forth. Andrew so appears and work stoppages Sebastian ( believing him Viola/Cesario ) , but

Sebastian work stoppages back at Andrew, frightening him. Toby, seeking to maintain

Sebastian from Andrew himself duels Sebastian, until Olivia interruptions it

up. Sebastian instantly falls in love with her and they depart into

her house together. In another portion of the house, Malvolio is kept

captive in a cell in the cellar by Toby and Maria. The buffoon

make-believes to be a priest and visits him, but will non assist him, and,

instead, makes merriment of him and calls him huffy. In Olivia & # 8217 ; s garden,

Sebastian ponders the astonishment of the determination of his new love Olivia,

so she and he travel with a priest to the church to be married.

At Olivia & # 8217 ; s house, the Duke arrives and entreats the buffoon to allow him

see Olivia. While waiting, Antonio shows up with the officers and

explains how he rescued Sebastian from the sea so helped him

( really Viola ) in the affaire d’honneur. Orsino tells Antonio he is a plagiarist and

non to be trusted since he helped steal one of Illyria & # 8217 ; s greatest

battlewagons in the yesteryear. Olivia arrives and instantly starts doting

on Viola ( as Cesario ) , finally naming her hubby, flooring Viola

and enraging the Duke. The Priest arrives and confirms the matrimony

between Olivia and Cesario ( really Sebastian ) . Andrew so appears

and swears Cesario struck Toby alongside the caput, injuring him, but

Viola denies it. Toby appears, mad at Viola ( believing her Sebastian ) ,

but leaves to be bandaged. Finally, Sebastian appears and greets all,

while both twins ( he and Viola ) are amazed and delighted that the other is populating. Sebastian promises to maintain his matrimony to Olivia, and the Duke vows to get married Viola. Malvolio is brought away from the cell and all learn of the trick played on him. Fabian and the Clown admit they, Toby, and Maria did it all in joke, and in return for Maria & # 8217 ; s assist, Toby married her. However, Malvolio vows to be revenged on them all.The Duke calls his retainers to quiet Malvolio, and all depart merrily.