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Twelfth Night Essay, Research PaperTwelfth NightIn Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Twelfth Night & # 8221 ; , it is clearly apparent that the fluctuation in attitude to the double function and state of affairs and trials imposed upon the character ofViola/Cesario ends up in a better apprehension of both sexes, and therefore, allows Viola to hold a better apprehension for Orsino. Near the gap of the drama, when Violais following her male individuality, she creates another ego, like two masks and may make up one’s mind to have on one or the other while singing between the two dentities in emotion and incharacter. She decides to take on this individuality because she has more freedom in society in her Cesario mask, which is apparent when she is readily accepted by Orsino,whereas, in her female individuality she would non be. Thus, a customary function in society and to the mentalities of others is portrayed. Orsino sees Cesario, as a immature squire merelyget downing out in the universe, much like himself as a immature, agile chap, so he has a inclination to be more willing to drop onto her with his problems and sorrows, seeking acomrade with which to portion and to learn.

Thus, Viola grows in her male camouflage to acquire a better feeling for his inner ego, non the ego that heshows to the populace, orwould uncover and portion with Viola in her true female ego, but instead his secret ego, as he believes he portions with a equal. So, she grows to love him. But, Orsino & # 8217 ; s motiveis really non love for Viola, but instead he seems to be in love with love itself. His full universe is filled with love but he knows that there might be a turning point for him,like when he says: If music be the nutrient of love, drama on ; give me excess of it, that, cloying, the appetency may disgust, and so die.

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( 206 ) This quotation mark shows that he knowsthat he is so caught up in & # 8220 ; love & # 8221 ; , that he hopes his appetency for love may simmer when he takes more than he can manage.Near the terminal of the drama, when all fast ones and perfidies are revealed and all masks are lifted, Orsino & # 8220 ; falls & # 8221 ; in love with Viola. He foremost forgives her/him of her/his responsibility tohim, the maestro ; so says that she shall now be her maestro & # 8217 ; s kept woman:Your maestro quits you ; and for your servicedone him, so much against the heart of yoursex, so far beneath your soft and stampgenteelness, and since you call & # 8217 ; d me maestro forso long, here is my manus. You shall fromthis clip be your maestro & # 8217 ; s kept woman ( 237 )This is kind of a exchanging love as he thought he was in love with Olivia in the beginning, but, he readily switches his love to Viola, as he experience she knows her personalitygood. As for Viola, she declares her love for Orsino many times, as if by stating that she would love him if she were a lady. When Orsino foremost sends Cesario to move as acourier and direct Orsino & # 8217 ; s love to Olivia, Cesario proclaims: I & # 8217 ; ll make my best to court your lady ; [ aside ] yet, a barful discord! Whoe & # 8217 ; er I woo, myself would be his married woman.( 210 ) This shows that Viola knows what a hard state of affairs that she is in, and that she might seek to court her out of loving Orsino, so that she might hold him for herself ;except there is a little, unexpected turn of destiny & # 8230 ; After Cesario leaves from Olivia & # 8217 ; s, she declares:yet my province is good ; I am a gentleman.

& # 8221 ; I & # 8217 ; llbe sworn thou art. Thy lingua, thy face, thylimbs, and spirit, do give thee quintuple coat of arms.Not excessively fast: soft, soft! Unless the maestro werethe adult male. How now! Even so rapidly may one gimmickthe pestilence? Methinks I feel this young person & # 8217 ; s per-fections with an unseeable and elusive stealing toweirdo in at mine eyes.

Well, allow it be. WhatHo, Malvolio! ( 212 )Olivia, is believing back to her inquiry to Cesario, and his response to it. Then she replies to Cesario & # 8217 ; s response, to herself, believing about him. She agrees with hisresponse, so goes over his many delightfulfeatures, and wonders how she so rapidly has caught the pestilence of love for immature Cesario. She decides that it is her experiencingtowards his vernal flawlessnesss that creep into her bosom and to her eyes. Then she agrees with her determination, and sends for Malvolio, in hope that he may remember Cesario, sothat she may speak with him once more. Olivia feels a strong passionate love for Cesario, even though it was love at first sight for her.

Cesario presented ( himself ) reallyexcellently and left a permanent feeling in Olivia & # 8217 ; s head. The following clip that Cesario came by, Olivia declared:goon, honor, truth and everything, I lovethee so, that, maugre all thy pride, nor humornor ground can my passion fell. ( 224 )This verifies that Olivia is deeply in love with Cesario, despite all his pride. But, Cesario does non possess the same sentiments for Olivia as he says:By artlessness I swear, and by my young person, I haveone bosom, one bosom and one truth, And thatno adult female has ; nor ne’er none shall mistressbe of it, salvage I entirely. And so adieu, gooddame. ( 229 )Here, Viola tells Olivia that she could ne’er love her, nor any other adult female because she merely has one love ( to Orsino ) and is loyal.

But, Olivia is still in love, and petitionsthat Cesario return. Overall, Viola learns that in the function of Cesario she had to be speedy on her pess, and support the inquisitory inquiries and statements as to her love andothers love for her. As good she acquired the accomplishment to stay her clip, until the clip was right, lest she reveal her true ego or purposes.