Twelfth Night: Social Problems Essay, Research PaperTwelfth NightBen BonomaAs a comedy, Shakespeare? s Twelfth Night, is non merely intend to entertain its audience but besides bring attending to jobs in society. One must allow travel of several realistic constructs before they can truly understand Shakespeare? s purposes.

The audience must suspend their logic to believe that so many coinciding state of affairss could happen. They are taken far off to a romantic land, where no punishments or effects exist for practical gags and changeless inebriation. It is this incongruousness compared with our, mundane mundane lives that provides for the wit in this drama. Humor is used to indicate out societal concerns, such as balance in one? s life, and the non to judge based entirely on visual aspect ; nevertheless, the wit is non blunt, but brought out by wordplaies and captions and is meant non to take away from the greater subjects and ethical motives of the drama. Shakespeare has carefully intertwined comedy and hurting in both the chief and the subplots to foreground the amusing state of affairss of sarcasm and happenstance and research the societal subjects.A balance in one? s life is based around self consciousness: something achieved through being good balanced instead being inordinate.

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This subject is developed from the gap were Orsino proclaims his love for Olivia, ? If music be the nutrient of love, play on./ Give me surplus of it, that, cloying, / the appetency may disgust and decease? ( I.i.1-3 ) . The thought that Orsino is in love with the thought of love, instead than the existent individual is prevailing here.

He cares more for the association with something every bit intangible as love, instead the individual and the emotions that go along with love. Olivia is besides a individual of surplus, mourning her brother? s alleged decease for seven old ages, an action which appears more for her interest instead than in existent desperation of a loss such as death. , ? The component itself till seven old ages? heat, / Shall non behold her face at ample position? ( I.ii.28-29 ) .

The audience besides sees an surplus in Sir Toby? s character with his imbibing. This concern is brought through Maria, ? he? s rummy nightly/ in your company? ( I.iii.36-37 ) .

Malvolio is truly the large gag of drama, or instead who the large gag is played on. The other characters are able to draw off such a buffoonery because of Malvolio? s surplus of self pride and self image. He has excessively much pride to take part in the merriment with Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria at one of the late imbibing parties. In fact he openly scolds them, taking pride in his maturity and being respectful of Olivia, ? My Masterss, are you huffy? Is at that place no regardof/ topographic point, individual, nor clip in you? ( II.iii.87,92-93 ) , this nevertheless does non assist out his opportunities with her.

The audience besides sees that he regards himself really extremely by his reaction to Olivia? s forged note, ? She did commend my xanthous stockings of late, she/ did praise my leg being cross-gartered, and in this/ she manifests herself to my love? ( II.v.170-172 ) . Through comedy, both verbal and physical, Shakespeare is seeking to indicate the demand for balance in one? s life by giving illustrations of who and what non to be.Another major subject in the drama is non to judge entirely on visual aspect.

The first case of this is when Viola disguises her individuality as adult female to look as a adult male, named Cesario. With here camouflage, she makes Olivia, the object of her maestro? s love autumn in love with her, ? ? I am a gentleman. ? I? ll be sworn thou art./ Thy lingua, thy face, thy limbs, actions, and spirit/ Do give thee fivefold coat of arms? ( I.

v.296-298 ) . Besides, she falls in love with her maestro, Orsino, but can non move on it because their civilization did non allow homosexual relationships ( it is besides questionable whether or non Orsino would? ve participated in such a relationship has so been allowed ) . Olivia was merely in love with the visual aspect of her adult male.

This is apparent when she discovers that Viola is a adult female, but handily her brother ( who she was disguised as ) shows up to reep the benefits of the old interactions between them. Viola and Orsino? s love is non every bit superficial as Sebastian and Olivia? s love. Once the social roadblock of homosexualism is relieved by the expose of Viola, they can truly enjoy in each others love.

This subject of camouflage raises inquiries about semblances, whether they be self-inflicted or non, and the character? s willingness to be blinded by the love or by the thought of love.Shakespeare uses comedy to convey out his concerns about society and how it acts towards one another. The first subject is the subject of surplus.

In about every character, we see some type of extra throwing that character out of balance. This imbalance effects how efficaciously the character can move to towards other characters and how he/she positions him/herself. The 2nd subject is how society should non judge based entirely on visual aspect. This subject is echoed really vividly through Viola presuming another individuality of a adult male. She fools everyone with her? boyish? expressions and Olivia even falls in love with her, declining to believe that she is anything but a adult male. Shakespeare is seeking to arouse from the audience to be fooled by such superficial things as expressions, but to stare deeper into a individual and see who they genuinely are.