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In this paper we are going to explore the study of twins, and the concept of nature versus nurture in the development of traits and personalities among people. Identical and fraternal twins are compared and analyzed, and assumptions are made in an attempt to determine the genetic and/or environmental factors that affect personality traits across the lifespan. Studies of identical twins are used because they share the same genetic make-up and are born with the same identical physical similarities.

According to Author Lemery, K, writing the article on “Twin Studies,” (2001) when an egg is fertilized by a single sperm, the egg will split in the process of the pregnancy making them identical from each other. Fraternal twins are as similar to one another as they are to other non-twin siblings. Researchers study and compare traits of identical and fraternal twins; such as abilities, personalities and habits to determine if it is influenced by genetics or the environment.

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If the identical twins are more similar in that particular trait than the fraternal twins, the trait is thought to be inherited. In these twin studies, researchers are making several assumptions. A Lemery point out (2001) the first assumption is the twin studies represent the general population. However some obstetrical complications are more common in twins and should not be compared. The second assumption is that twins are raised together in the same type of environment.

It is suggested that researchers compare their studies to other scientific studies to avoid certain assumptions. In my opinion I felt the twin studies were truly baffling, because researchers are trying to prove behaviors are genetic based on two people that are identical versus two people than are similar. How can you do that? It is like comparing apples to oranges, they are not the same either. You might as well say everything is genetic because identical twins are known as natural clones of each other, naturally they will have the same attributes.