Two years ago, I think I was like most of the teens my age,still am, I took school seriously and was obsessed with finding my passion, but the problem was what is my passion and where can I find it?That thought disturbed me a lot and everyday when I went to bed,I found myself at the same point I was in morning, still standing in the middle of nowhere with no idea of where to go next. I was waiting for my passion to arrive, like an angel would come from the skies telling me everything I wanted to know. But life doesn’t work like that.So I decided to shake things up, I wasn’t making any significant progress daily but little everyday which compounded itself to make the person, I am today.After I finished tenth class, I decided to take science stream as I liked it and was naturally good at it, besides people didn’t looked down upon it like they did to the other streams. So they persuaded me to take it.Flash forward a few months, when school and coaching institutes were in full throttle, I was hit by the biggest realization in my entire life, I wasn’t special or unique like my parents told me I was. My entire self image was shattered.

I was like everybody else. Everyone full of potential and dreams but no direction to go. Teachers treated us like we were their business. And we were!All this hit me like a truck. But I couldn’t just took things as they were. I wanted to make myself a better person. So one day, I took list of all my shortcomings and the necessary skills I think I need to have and decided to improve them.

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I took them one by one and tackled them all with my full might. Rebuilded my creativity and curiosity, a better orator,explored new interest and hobbies, formed my own opinions,inrease my physical fitness, develop my social skills, started reading the good books, a better listener.But that doesn’t mean I excelled in all of them, in some I struggeled badly, in some I am still struggling.

But still, I have become a far better person than I was two years back.Some have turned into a daily habit like blogging, reading, jogging etc. Still my curiosity runs wild and keeps the fire within me brighter and alive. That’s where I stumbled across economics and took great interest in how the world  around me works.  I am raised in a typical middle class joint family, a single child of my mom and dad.

My family gave greater importance to my education above all.I have been living in panchkula since I was born and haven’t lived in any other place. As for my viewpoint, I think I gave most of the credits to my dad and my elder cousin. They greatly shaped me as a person.

Another big piece of me is cooking, I was introduced to it by my mother when I was nine. Cooking helped me get to know about the people and the culture of places miles away.I am also a big fan of traveling. I have traveled to many places just for their food and to interact with the people there.

I like to visit the local hubs when I go to a new city. Helps me get to know what kind of place It is and what kind of people live there.I know that I am young and the career path that I envision right now can be different from what actually might happen, but I plan to make my college education a broadening one which will jopefully allow me to explore both my academic as well as personal interests.That is why I am applying to Ashoka as I think it can help me continue my interests and hobbies besides engage me academically and help me explore new interests.