Last updated: July 17, 2019
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Two Different Hobbies

Soccer is a team sport that involves kicking and passing a ball towards a goal in order to score and win. It develops teamwork and cooperation among people, and a sense of sportsmanship and competitiveness against other teams. This game is enjoyed worldwide, and can be played as a hobby or professionally. With the help of technology, soccer can be played not only in the outdoors in a soccer field, but also in the comfort of the living room. This is through soccer video games which can be played with friends, family members, or individually against the computer’s artificial intelligence. But still, nothing beats the real, physical soccer game because it hones not only a person’s strategy, but also his physical skills and abilities.

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In order to further compare between real life soccer and video game soccer, we can take a look at their advantages and disadvantages in the aspect of cost and availability, ease of playing and understanding the game, and overall impact on health and well-being of the player.

In terms of cost and availability, video game soccer proves to be advantageous because it can be played anywhere, as long as there is electricity and the video game console. It doesn’t require an opponent, but it can be played with or against other people. However, you should have the money to buy the gaming console and the game. More expensive consoles give better visuals and better gaming experience. Cheaper ones are often pixilated and slow, offering a poor game play.

On the other hand, real life soccer would require nothing but a soccer ball and the willingness to play. It can be played on a vacant lot or a large empty space with no obstacles. But if you’re going to play competitive soccer, you have to be well equipped with the right shoes and protective gear because the game can really be physical. It would also require a large playing field and the respective goals. Completing the gears could be costly player, just like any other sports out there.

When it comes to the ease of playing and understanding the game, video game soccer is advantageous because it has controller which limits the game to a few commands. The player doesn’t have to learn any fancy ball handling or kicking, as long as he knows the button to press, he’s good to go. However, this could also limit the understanding of the game, because he really doesn’t have to know much of the rules to play it. So in essence, even if he knows a little about the game, he can still play it because it is just a simulation.

In real life soccer, a soccer player should at least know how to kick and pass the ball properly. This could be learned through proper training and practice, which could be physically demanding. However, this could be a leeway to better understanding the game and its underlying principles. The player could understand the game much better if he knows the rules and is able to apply it in a real game. He’s able to appreciate more the efforts of others while playing the game or even just by watching it.

Finally, in the overall impact of health and well-being of the player, the video game soccer really doesn’t offer much of health improvement. It is more to entertain rather than to exercise, which is why it doesn’t involve much physical interaction. Also, playing too much video game could affect studies and other regular activities, so the time that should be given to this should be limited. Video game soccer may be fun, but too much of it could be very detrimental to the health and physical well being of a person. The player may not be able to maintain his weight because he’s stuck all day sitting in front of the video game instead of doing something productive.

Real life soccer is a great form of exercise. It involves running and kicking, which could help burn excess fats and improve cardiovascular activities of the body. It also promotes teamwork and cooperation between people, enabling them to communicate well on and off the game. Overall, real life soccer is a great physical activity that could keep a person happy and healthy.