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 Disney, being the most popular cartoon animation company in the world, of course for part of its profits have many stores, theme parks, and branches located all over the world. Aside of course from the movies that hit Blockbuster rating year after year, Disney company is mostly popular for the Disneyland theme parks they have.The most popular of these theme parks is the Disneyland found in Anaheim California.

It had stood near since 1955 and year after year attracts thousands of visitors not only from California and the adjacent states and districts but also from visitors all around the world. Relating to experience, and as could be observed in visiting the theme park, one would immediately observed that the central construction of the various themes and activities surrounding the park are directly from the popular movies that the company has produced. Like many other theme parks, Disneyland divides its area from a greater general theme of Disney fantasy worlds into various parts of the park that are called “realms”.

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The word itself, upon hearing it — both personally and from the testimony of other people — brings up images of kingdoms, which is exactly what each realm tries to pull off into various themes and activities that could be done in each of them. In fact, one could not even capture and do all the activities in all the realms of Disneyland in just one day. Although many of the activities that could be done in Disneyland California our rights and amusement facilities, other popular attractions are the high and special effects theaters that have received great acclaim from visitors all over the world and with justice because of the amazing theatrical performance of the actors, the special effects, and even the overall ambience when one enters such theaters.

In fact, an interesting highlight of Disneyland is the experience of the so-called “Mickey Mouse money” which can be exchanged in various stations located all over the theme park and could be used to purchase the many goods for sale in Disneyland. Even the experience of going there in the morning through the afternoon and even till night time changes from one time of day to the other because the lighting, the effects, and even the characters and experience change depending on the mood and the weather at that time. One really fields in Disneyland Anaheim that he or she is in a magical kingdom because of the many attractions located in the theme park.Another Disney theme park is the one that is located just decide the one that previously mentioned, Disney’s California adventure park. Although some people have associated the California adventure park with a greater Disneyland, they are two separate theme parks and experience of each is different. The Disneyland main theme park focuses on a few minor activities and largely invests in theater, special effects, and visual entertainment. In the California adventure park of Disney, the focus is more on the on hand activities that visitors of all ages — from children to adults — may be able to enjoy. For example, in the California adventure park of Disney, there is the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area, and adventure that simulates actual river rapids ride around the grizzly Peak.

Just decided, is an interactive adventure area where children may be able to play in the wilderness setting taking from the theme of Disney’s popular movie Brother bear. However, in comparing the two theme parks, because of the scale and size of the Disneyland main site, one would think that these activities are not anymore separated from one another. In fact, to a certain point, that is true because the activities that can be found in both places are so varied in so many that one could not anymore have a strict classification of their differences. In comparison, at least, the California adventure park is more hands on although there are also elements of theatrical presentations — presentations which the Disneyland theme parks have become so popular for. Comparing Disney’s California adventure park with the Disneyland main, although one would probably enjoy more in visiting the main Anaheim site first, go into any of the two Disneyland theme parks would nevertheless be not only a fun experience, but also something that would be educational and bring about memories as the popularity of the movies where many of the attractions in either of the two sites built upon.;References:;Press, Menasha Ridge, and Bob Sehlinger. The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2009 (Unofficial Guides).

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