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Two Lifes Paralleled By God Essay, Research PaperTwo Lifes Paralleled by GodIn the book Tracks, written by Louise Erdrich we meet assorted characters, including Pauline. As we hear narratives about her life and fortunes that she encountered and overcame, we gain insight into the life of a adult female who fought to derive credence in a universe where no 1 would accept her.

As Erdrich wrote the book she based the life of Pauline on a Native American historical figure, Tekawitha Kateri. When looking at the lives of these two adult females we can see the many similarities in their lives, but besides many differences that make them alone from each other.As kids, Tekawitha and Pauline grew up without the assistance of their parents. At age 15, Pauline asked her male parent to direct her away to travel to populate with his sister. Pauline wanted to be like her female parent who was half & # 8211 ; white and like her gramps who was pure Canadian. Her male parent obeyed her wish and sent her away to her aunt. Like Pauline Tekawitha grew up with out parents. When the Whites came to the Americas they? ? brought illness with them and many of the Indian people died? ( Tekawitha 1 ) .

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This was the instance with Tekawitha? s parents. They both died of a illness when Tekawitha was merely four old ages old. Soon after, she went to populate with her uncle ( Tekawitha 1 )As Pauline and Tekawitha grew up, they sought a life of Catholicism. They both sought it in similar yet alone ways. Tekawitha was introduced to the faith when? ? work forces came to the small town where Tekawitha lived ( Tekawitha 2 ) . Tekawitha listened to what the work forces had had to state about God? s boy and how he showed the people how to populate in peace. For eight old ages the? black robes? , as they were called, came to Tekawitha? s small town instruction and baptising the people.

Tekawitha wanted to be baptized but feared displeasing her uncle. Finally she did acquire baptized. As clip progressed some of her people thought that she was bewraying them and? ? traveling over to the Whites? ( Tekawitha 2 ) . She tried to maintain the attitude that things would alter for the better but with the passing of clip realized that it would non.

? She decided that it would be better if she left her place? ( Tekawitha 2 ) . She traveled to a Christian small town and there pass the remainder of her life.Like Tekawitha, Pauline besides left her place and went to populate with the nuns and shortly became one herself.

It all happened all of a sudden when Pauline became pregnant by Napoleon. Pauline rejected the babe all along even trying to kill herself and the babe. Bernadette convinced Pauline to make no such thing and to hold the babe.

When the babe was born Pauline gave the babe to Bernadette. Pauline named the babe? Marie? for the Virgin Mary? ( 133 ) . After retrieving from the bringing Pauline left and went to the convent where she would in clip go a nun herself.In Tekawitha and Pauline? s battle to go as holy and cleansed by God as possible they both practiced rites to convey them closer to god.

Pauline had many awkward rites such as have oning her places on the incorrect pess. She wore her places on the incorrect pess to torment herself. She said? I suffer for His interest as He did for yours? ( 146 ) . She besides restricted herself to merely traveling to the bathroom two times a twenty-four hours ( 147 ) . Pauline said that she had a modus operandi:At dark, I did non let myself to flip or turn for comfort,but merely to kip on my dorsum, weaponries crossed on my chests in the same place as the Virgin received the attendings of our Lord. When I woke I released myself, and so broke the ice on the pails. I used my manus and no spoon I drank merely hot H2O, took the thinnest cut of staff of life unless Superior forced hers on me? I put burrs in the axillas of my frock and screw grass in my stockings and acerate leafs in my neckband. Superior forced me to turn my places the right manner around, purchase I allow my toenails grow until it ached to walk once more and each measure reminded me of His pace on the way to Calvary? ( 152 )Pauline did these rites to be forgiven for her wickednesss.

She thought that if she performed these rites they would convey her to closer to God and cleanse her of her wickednesss. Tekawitha besides tortured herself, but for different grounds though. Tekawitha did such things as? ? firing herself, standing in the snow, and even floging herself with subdivisions? to demo her love of Christ? ( 256 ) . Not merely for the love of Jesus did she make this. In Tekawitha? s clip captives were tortured. During the anguish the individual had to? ? remain courageous and stolid? digesting hurting for personal and household award? ( 256 ) . So it was non merely for Christ but besides to convey award.

Like Pauline, Tekawitha was forced to halt these utmost patterns. ? She was ordered by the Jesuits to modify them? ( 256 ) . Just like Pauline was ordered to set her places on the right pess by her Superior ( 152 ) .

Having such strong religions like that of Pauline or Tekawitha gave them the strength to face anything, including decease. Because of the differing religions of the people in Tekawitha? s clip, many opposed what she was making. One twenty-four hours, a warrior tried to frighten Tekawitha to halt what she was making. He picked up a nine and tried to kill her with it. She kept her caput down and merely stayed every bit still as possible. The bravery of Tekawitha impressed the adult male so much that he did non strike her but merely walked off ( Tekawitha 3 ) . She was non afraid to decease. Alternatively of experiencing sad about deceasing, ? ? deceasing made her feel good? ( Tekawitha 3 ) .

Pauline was forced to cover with decease when she joined Bernadette in come ining the places where person was about to decease and? ? doing decease welcome? ( 69 ) . She learned how to acquire the organic structures ready for entombment. She must hold been every bit comfy as Tekawitha was with the construct of deceasing.Pauline and Tekawitha loved the forests and the trees.

They turned to the forests as a topographic point for speculation and spiritualty. Since? ? being in harmoniousness with all creative activity was an Indian value that she had learned early in her life and she held to it ever? ( Tekawitha 2 ) . Tekawitha went into the forests to pass clip with God. Pauline excessively felt the forests as a topographic point to be in harmoniousness with nature.

She fled at that place after the decease of Mary Pepewas. She ran at that place to get away ; she felt it as a topographic point of freedom, to get away the minute, merely as Tekawitha had.Even though Tekawitha and Pauline had left their places to travel and populate with the nuns they recognized their native heritage. Pauline realized this when she said? power travels in the lineages, handed out before birth? ( 31 ) . So it was non what you had become it was what you were born with, that is what is of import.

When faced with decease, Tekawitha was brave and knew how to confront it. She attributed it to? ? the true Indian that she was? ( Tekawitha 3 ) . She ne’er forgot where she came from. Even though she had this new religion? she used to sing supplications in the Indian manner? ? ( Tekawitha 3 ) . Her heritage was evidently a cardinal portion of her life.Being of the Catholic faith the cross and prayer beads were an of import facet of their lives.

Tekawitha would travel into the forests and do a cross out of sticks. This comforted her to do the cross because it made her? believe about how much Jesus suffered for her? ( Tekawitha 3 ) . Tekawitha wore the rosary around her cervix ever. Within Pauline? s life it seemed that the rosary held different significance for her. The rosary meant a Jesus for her and she used it to acquire rid of something that she felt was non good.

Pauline excessively wore the prayer beads around her cervix merely like Tekawitha. Pauline in her effort to kill the Satan really strangled Napoleon with the prayer beads. She? ? locked on the strong prayer beads concatenation, wrenched and twisted the beads near about his cervix until his face darkened and he lunged off? ( 202 ) . She said that she thought that it was the Satan but bit by bit? it took on the physical signifier of Napoleon Morrissey? ( 203 ) .The historical figure Tekawitha and the fictional character created by Louise Erdrich, Pauline have many paralleled state of affairss.

As we can see there are many similarities but besides alone ways that make the two about parallel state of affairss a bit different. Throughout their lives they have encountered many adversities and many animating efforts. Both Pauline and Tekawitha endured tormenting rites to hold themselves acceptable to God, fled their places and went to convents, recognized their ain heritage when life in another, and had faith so strong that they did non fear the idea of decease. Tekawitha even said, ? it is like traveling place? ( Tekawitha 4 ) . As we can see from looking at the events of both of these adult females? s lives, the author Erdrich based her fictional character on the life of a existent life historical adult female Tekawitha who had become a Saint.

May we be like these adult females and ne’er bury where we come from no affair how we choose to populate our lives, and have faith such as theirs to get the better of any state of affairs that we may meet.33d