There are many failings of the medical theoretical account. One of the failings that I am traveling to speak about is that in some instances people see the medical theoretical account as an abuse due to the fact that the theoretical account tries to ‘fix’ people with a disablement alternatively of doing accommodations and adaptations to environments. activities etc… for them. Due to the fact that the medical theoretical account is seeking to ‘fix’ tem. may look to people that the 1s with the disablement can non hold a normal. healthy life like other people do who do non endure with a disablement.

Peoples may besides experience like the medical theoretical account is stating that is the individual’s mistake that they have a disablement and due to this they are non willing to assist the best that they could. This links to the fact that overall. the medical theoretical account thinks that it is the individuals mistake with the disablement and that it is their mistake that the environment /society disempowers them from taking portion in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities. This fits in with the fact that the theoretical account will non peruse in doing many alterations to anything to assist the individual with the disablement. that its them that should accommodate. non the environment.

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Another failing of the medical theoretical account is that it can halt persons with a disablement from working due to the fact that the working environment will non accommodate their edifices in order for others with troubles to entree to the full in order to work.This failing to the theoretical account can do people with a disablement /difficulty making certain things. to be upset – doing emphasis on their household. particularly if they want their kid to hold a life every bit normal as and other kid. Another point is that the medical theoretical account makes a batch of people feel that they are merely good plenty for people to utilize them in order to happen a remedy for something. This is another factor which could do emphasis upon the households and besides different jobs as parents or carers will desire the really best for their kid and be upset /feel stressed that they’re being treated so below the belt.Associating to this is the fact that the medical theoretical account does non offer support or advice to households who do hold a kid with a disablement.

So. if for illustration. households are going stressed and depressed due to the fact that they can see their kid has troubles and that they can non give them what they wanted to give them. it will do a negative ambiance and even more jobs overall – as this emphasis may construct up so much the parents begin to move like they wouldn’t usually act alternatively of back uping each other and their kid the best that they can. As households are non acquiring any positive aid /support.

it could take to farther jobs which may be picked up on by the kid – which could perchance impact their feelings and larning and jobs subsequently on in life. This shows one illustration of how a negative ambiance could impact everyone else – and how holding no positive support /advice can impact individual’s households and the kid /person with the disablement themselves. Strengths ; –One strength of the medical theoretical account is that people who are suspected to hold a disablement. should be diagnosed. it guarantee that the working environment /learning environment cognize what the kids need support with.

where they may fight or stand out so that it guarantee that they can supply the excess support. due to wellness and safety grounds. Associating to this is the fact that with medical diagnosing. a kid can have a statement which will acquire them excess support in instruction ; by excess support being given by staff to a child/person with a disablement. means that it will assist them overall and could besides in many instances. do them experience more comfy and happy knowing that they do hold some support and advice when needed. Besides.

as they are acquiring support it could possible assist them with their emphasis – which may non happen so much in the household or with the child/adult with the disablement. The 2nd strength of this theoretical account is that scientists are seeking to happen a remedy which can be used on people in order to forestall disablements happening.Due to the fact that scientists are seeking to make this. means that in the hereafter they may be able to happen a remedy to assist with people who are believed to hold a disablement or those who could stop up with a disablement when Born or as they develop. This could assist many people in a assortment of different ways such as acquiring an instruction. acquiring a occupation. socializing /making friends and many more points which their disablement may impact. Scientists may develop a medical specialty or remedy which could alter some people’s lives who suffer with a disablement ; which could do them experience antic overall.

more confident in themselves and raise their self-esteem. The 3rd strength of the medical theoretical account is that it can assist to raise money for charities. By money being raised for charities it means that kids may besides be helped aboard. as the charities may assist by purchasing resources for handicapped kids within different environments to assist them larn. or by donating money to environments in order for them to acquire it adapted to accommodate many kids with troubles /disabilities.Social theoretical account ; –Failings ; –One of the failings of the societal theoretical account is that it believes that environments should be adapted around the kid ; which means that if there are excess countries where the kid may necessitate excess support in. for illustration ; holding a councillor… they will necessitate to have this excess support they need. If the kid is non being given the excess support that they require their feelings could be affected.

every bit good as their acquisition and development overall. Besides. if the kid is non having the support they need.

the parents may go stressed as they want to acquire their kid the support that they do need and for them to hold the best life possible. merely like any other kid. As stated before. the theoretical account merely adapts where possible which could do jobs if more versions need to be carried out.

These alterations may non be able to take topographic point due to cost ; which the school may non hold the findings for. If the school /environments do non hold the money it means that some kids may non be able to hold a topographic point within the school.

This could go on if there aren’t certain adaptations made such as ; holding a lift put in topographic point. if they are a wheelchair user. and holding bars on lavatory doors and at the side of the lavatory. besides around the edifice for them to keep onto to guarantee that accidents don’t occur. Another failing to this theoretical account is that in some instances. it may look like the theoretical account excludes some people who have got a disablement.

or the theoretical account may do them experience different – this could be due to the fact that they may be in a particular needs school or designated school. If kids are treated or made to experience different or are made to experience excluded. it will impact their overall acquisition and development and besides how confident they feel in themselves every bit good as their ain feelings overall.

Strengths ; –One strength of the societal theoretical account is that people believe that the environment should be adapted in order to accommodate people with disablements to take portion in mundane activities ; & A ; besides to assist them experience comfy and welcomed into the environment and within the community. By doing versions to the edifices happening. it means that the kid will experience more included within society and feel like portion of the group and may besides experience that they are able to finish undertakings that other kids can take portion in. This could take to the kid experiencing happy and in some instances more confident in themselves as they begin to larn and accomplish more. Another strength of this theoretical account is that it looks at people with disablements more positively than the medical theoretical account. This is of import due to the fact it means that kids will be given the support that is needed in order for them to larn and accomplish every bit much as they can.This helps in different state of affairss such as trips and function dramas.

A kid who is in a wheelchair may be unable to travel on a trip due to the medical theoretical account. nevertheless the societal theoretical account enables and makes versions to accommodate the kid /adult with disablement and as this theoretical account has a more positive mentality it means that the children’s demands are conquered. Besides. it means kids who are in instruction receive resources and one to one support to assist develop. Children will be able to bask different activities which are planned & A ; put into action for them. Another strength of this theoretical account is that it empowers handicapped people due to the fact that they are able to finish undertakings for themselves ; be more independent alternatively of trusting on other people. The theoretical account gives people the assurance to make their best at whatever they try as there will be help along the manner if and when needed. This shows how overall there are both strengths and failings to both theoretical accounts which can do kids and their households have different feelings and besides have a different impact upon their children’s acquisition and development.