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Two Sides To Every Story Essay, Research PaperTwo Sides to Every NarrativeFlannery O Connor s short narrative Revelation is the perfect illustration of dramatic sarcasm. O Connor gives us, the reader, an penetration into two sides of the cardinal character, Ruby Turpin. Ruby Turpin sees herself as a sort individual with a good temperament. As a reader we can see a really different side of Ruby Turpin.Ruby Turpin sees herself as a respectable, hard-working, church-going adult female. ( Pg. 989 ) Ruby Turpin measures all things and sees all people through the frame of her ain self-importance.

Ruby likes to inquire what type of individual she would hold chosen to be if she couldn Ts have been herself. She would hold wiggled and squirmed and begged and pleaded ( Pg. 981 ) non to hold been made a nigga or white rubbish ( Pg. 981 ) .

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Another of her rational avocations is to sort others. O Connor writes Mrs. Turpin occupied herself at dark calling the categories of people ( Pg. 981 ) . Ruby Turpin s categorizations of others are based entirely on her criterions of acceptableness.

She is particularly critical of inkinesss and people she sees as hapless white rubbish. On Ruby Turpin s societal graduated table colored people are on the underside of the pile ( Pg. 981 ) . Then following to them & # 8211 ; non above, merely off from & # 8211 ; were the white rubbish ; so above them were the home-owners, and above them the home-and-land proprietors, to which she and Claud belonged.

Above she and Claud were people with a batch of money and much bigger houses and much more land ( Pg. 981-982 ) . Ruby Turpin clings to her good plant and her societal category as a badge of worthiness. She says her doctrine of life is to assist anybody out that needed it ( Pg. 985 ) She ne’er spared herself when she found person in demand, whether they were white or black, trash or nice ( Pg.

985 )Flannery O Connor uses the pig as a symbol of cursed human nature. Just as no sum of cleaning will of all time alter the kernel of the pig, no sum of good plants or rational justification will alter the nature of human existences. Ruby fails to see a common denominator between her fallen humanity and that of inkinesss, hapless white rubbish, monsters, and madmans.

Ruby Turpin s nosey judgements on other societal groups can be seen as the equivalent of the pig s a-gruntin and a-rootin all over the topographic point ( Pg. 983 ) . In a sense, Ruby has assumed the function of God and anointed herself as the ultimate justice of human behaviour.Ruby Turpin believes herself blessed by God because He had non made her a nigga or white-trash or ugly! He had made her herself and given her a small of everything ( Pg.985-986 ) .

She thanks the Lord that she has been blessed with a good temperament. But as a reader we can see that behind this mask of self-righteousness is a degree of societal snobbism and racism that makes her stereotyped remarks on others reek of lip service.Ruby Turpin s autumn from her perch of judgement is predictable, but it comes in a instead unexpectedly violent mode. She is struck in the caput by aheavy college text edition, Human Development ( Pg. 980 ) , and knocked about unconscious. The book itself can possibly be seen as a symbol of a lesson she needs to larn.

This blow awakens Ruby Turpin to the interior universe of other people and helps her to recognize that they are merely every bit free as she is to pigeonhole and categorise harmonizing to subjective caprices. Then, to her horror, she learns that the college miss who threw the book sees her as a wart-hog from snake pit ( Pg. 989 ) . The college miss s philippic can be seen as the voice of the prophesier who brings a disclosure to Ruby Turpin.

Ruby tries to deny that the miss s message was meant for her but she realizes that the miss s eyes and her words, even the tone of her voice brooked no salvation. She had been singled out for the message ( Pg. 989 ) . It is merely after Ruby gets hit in the caput with the book and about strangled that she begins to use the college miss s prophetic vision to her ain life.

We can merely trust that she will see that if you stop judging others you will non be judged ( Matthew 7:1 ) .The fact that this disclosure was directed at her makes Ruby angry Her eyes burned alternatively with wrath ( Pg. 989 ) .

Ruby thinks, there was rubbish in the room to whom it might rightly been applied ( Pg. 989 ) . Once once more Ruby fails to see mistake with herself. You would believe that as a respectable, hard-working, church-going adult female ( Pg. 989 ) she would be able to see that God will handle you as you treat others ( Matthew 7:2 ) .

Another sarcasm in the narrative is apparent when the inkinesss that work on Ruby s farm unmask her fa fruit drink of properness. When she talks to the Negroes that twenty-four hours on her farm, they tell her You is the sweetest lady I know Jesus satisfied with her ( Pg. 991 ) . By hearing the falsity of such flattery she realizes the emptiness of her ain self-evaluation. Even though she can see the emptiness of her self-evaluation, we can see that she still continues to believe the same ideas about inkinesss. Idiots! Mrs. Turpin growled to herself. You ne’er could state anything intelligent to a nigga.

You could speak at them but non with them ( Pg. 991 ) .Then subsequently, when she roars at God about the unfairness of this disclosure Who do you believe you are? ( Pg.

993 ) she merely hears a confused reverberation ( Pg. 993 ) of her ain inquiry. Left with a rearward hierarchy of saved persons where she sees whole companies of white rubbish, clean for the first clip in their lives, and sets of black niggas in white robes, and battalions of monsters and madmans and conveying up the terminal of the emanation those, who like herself and Claud, had ever had a small of everything ( Pg. 993-994 ) . Ruby sees what God has in shop for all societal categories a vision where many who are now foremost will be last, and many who are now last will be foremost ( Matthew 19:30 ) .

It is non clear whether or non this vision will alter Ruby Turpin s position of other people. In her head if you put that underside rail on top. There ll still be a top and a underside! ( Pg.993 )338