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& # 8211 ; War Is Not The Answer To Terrorism Essay, Research Paper

The Associated Press has quoted 19-year-old Colin Zaremba, whose ain name suggests immigrant beginnings, as stating, ? I? m proud to be an American, and I hate Arabs and I ever have. ?

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It seems like everyone is proud to be an American these yearss, nevertheless, like Zaremba, most people, particularly America? s striplings, know nil about being one. Bing loyal doesn? t mean scampering to your local Wal-Mart and purchasing the U.S. flag cogwheel or hassling Arabs ; it? s much more than that. The democratic ideals of this state are hoisted up high around this universe by our flag. Everything that our state stands for is symbolized in our flag and like Zaremba, I? m afraid our leaders wear? t realize that. The taking political parties of this state should represent our ideals, diverseness, free address, and tolerance.

One? s gut reaction to any sort of onslaught is to acquire retaliation, but much like a tango, it takes two to pay war. And honestly, we Americans should stand our land! Show everyone that terrorist act will non be tolerated! ? and demo it peacefully. Once person drops a atomic bomb in this twenty-four hours and age, the universe as we know it will come to an terminal. War is non the reply to terrorist act. Any onslaughts on the terrorists will ensue in a return onslaught. What the universe urgently needs is a solution that will let the planetary population to bask their lives without the demand to eliminate a

n full civilization.

This event will be regarded as the individual worst onslaught on the U.S. of all time. How do you revenge? It? s non like you can travel out at that place and? one up? them. Anything we make merely is a smack on the carpus to the culprits as a whole. Bush expects the universe, in its entireness, to do a base against terrorist act. But the history of understandings in Iraq demonstrates that a base will be hard to prolong. Support for countenances will rapidly go lessened among states other than the United States. This was true before the Bush disposal entered the disturbance, with its go-it-alone doctrine, walking off from pacts on missile defence and planetary heating, upsetting even our closest Alliess. It remains true today.

President Bush can? t expect the universe to fall in us in contending terrorist act in the U.S. , while it ignores the remainder of the universe? s issues. We can & # 8217 ; t get the better of our repute of imperialism and haughtiness in much of the Arab universe when our ain Alliess perceive us as dismissive of their concerns. We need to alter the sentiments of our friends before we can alter those of our enemies.

While war appears to be the speedy solution for the American people and the American authorities, but I think we? re losing the long-run end. Ultimately, a policy steeped in understanding the universe? s commonalties and non one based upon aggression and revenge, will be a policy that allows as all to harvest the benefits of universe peace.