Two Towers Essay, Research PaperThe Two TowersWriter: J.R.

R. TolkienThis narrative is the 2nd portion of the 3 book series, The Lord of the Rings. It takes topographic point on Middle Earth, around the twelvemonth 1450 at that place. The characters consist of many different things. Like, hobbits, elves, aces, orcs, and work forces. The narrative is about a hobbit, Frodo Baggins, who & # 8217 ; s male parent, Bilbo Baggins, finds a ring in The Hobbit. The particular thing about this ring, is it has power to do the individual who wears it unseeable.

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There were besides 9 other rings like this one, but this ring was the & # 8220 ; One & # 8221 ; . In, The Fellowship of the Ring, the evil male monarch Sauron comes back. With this ring, he can go really powerful.

He sends 9 black riders out to happen the ring. Frodo needs to travel to Mount Doom to destruct the ring, but he can & # 8217 ; t make it by himself. The Counsel sends 7 with him. They have to travel South, but on their manner at that place, they get attacked by the Orcs, and they are all scattered. Sam, and his maestro, Frodo separate from the group, and Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. The other 4, one of them which is Borimir, is killed by the Orcs seeking to protect Frodo and Sam. Gandalf was killed in The Abyss, when he fell in. The other 2 are hobbits, Merry and Pippin.

That was all in The Fellowship of the Ring, and there is a batch more in The Two Towers.In the first book of The Two Towers, The narrative is on Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. They find Borimir half-dead, and he says the Orcs took the two hobbits, Merry and Pippin. The 3 attempt to catch up with the Orcs, but the Orcs are fast on pes, and they can & # 8217 ; t catch up with them.

After about 7 yearss of seeking to catch up with the Orcs, the work forces of Rohan, people that ride on horseback come to the 3. The work forces of Rohan state them that they killed all the orcs that had Merry and Pippin. They merely happened to lose 7 work forces and 4 Equus caballuss, go forthing 3 empty Equus caballuss.

Then the narrative switches to Merry and Pippin, when they foremost acquire captured. The captain of the Orcs, Ugl? K keeps them alive, because their foreman Sauron told them of the hobbits, and one of them has the ring. They have to run truly hard a long clip, until the twenty-four hours the Men of Rohan onslaught. They got lucky and escaped without acquiring killed. They head East, into the forest. They were told non to travel in at that place, but they do anyhow.

While they are resting in the forest a immense thing comes up to them. It looked like a half adult male half hob, but it was atleast 14 pess tall and had 7 toes on each pes. They learn that these things are called Ents, the elves brought trees to life, and this is what they got.They go about with the Ent, Treeabeard. He is the eldest of the Ents, so he is fundamentally the maestro of the Ents.

All the Ents go to a metting at Crick Hollow. They are speaking about traveling to Isengard, the tower in which Sauruman the White is. The narrative so goes back to Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. After the people of Rohan give them their Equus caballuss, they set off on their ain. That dark, when they are kiping, Sauruman takes their Equus caballuss. The following twenty-four hours, they stop to rest, so they see a adult male that looks about precisely like Sauruman, but it isn & # 8217 ; t. It & # 8217 ; s Gandalf, who use to be Gandalf the Grey, but is now Gandalf the White. I don & # 8217 ; t cognize how he survived falling down the Abyss, but he survived.

They set off to Rohan. When they get at that place, Gandalf biddings Theoden, the sort of Rohan to a strong adult male. His guard, Wormtoungue had been doing him experience old and weak. Gandalf got him to be himself once more, and they all set off to Isengard.

On the manner at that place, they take safety at Helm & # 8217 ; s Deep, because they got attacked by dozenss of Orc/humans. They withstand all of them, but there were many deceases. They continue on to Isengard. They eventually acquire at that place, and what do they happen, but the conflict has already been won,by the Ents. The lone thing left standing is Octun, the tower which Sauruman is in. The Ents couldn’t destruct it because it has some thaumaturgy on it. Gandalf negotiations to Sauruman, and offers him freedom, but he refuses, so Gandalf interrupt his staff.

When they leave, Sauruman throws the eyeball at them, and when Pippin picks it up to give it to Gandalf, it feels really heavy. That dark, Pippin merely had to see what was so particular about that eyeball. He took it from Gandalf, and went back to where he was kiping and stared into it. He was hypnotized, and he saw some dark figures that were really chilling, and he fainted.

The following forenoon, Gandalf sees a black rider, but he’s non riding, but winging. Gandalf takes Pippin on his Equus caballus and they head back. Then the narrative switches to Frodo and Sam.

They are traveling on their manner to Mount Doom. The manner is really unreliable. They have to travel down a drop, approximately 14 fthms. Fortunately, Sam has a long rope made by the Elvess. It is a really strong, long, thin rope. They both get down safely, and while they & # 8217 ; re traveling on, they hear a hushing sound behind them. They look to see what it is, and they see that it & # 8217 ; s Gollum.

Gollum was the 1 who had the ring, that Bilbo took from him. Gollum usage to be a hobbit but he used the ring so much, it & # 8217 ; s evil took over his organic structure, and now he is a small? Thing. Sam gets him tied up in the rope, and tells him that either they will kill him, or they will allow him populate, but he must steer them to Mount Doom. He agrees to be their usher, and a good usher he is. They don & # 8217 ; t acquire caught, until they & # 8217 ; rhenium at the Gatess of Sauron & # 8217 ; s Castle.They don & # 8217 ; t acquire caught by bad people, though, they get caught by the same people of Aragorn and Borimir.

They leave Gollum behind, and travel to their hideaway. They talk a batch at that place, and so they see Gollum, catching fish in their lake. Frodo tells them non to kill it. Frodo goes down at that place, and gets Gollum to come with him. They make him be Frodo & # 8217 ; s steer once more. They get to the house of the & # 8220 ; Black Riders & # 8221 ; hey have to travel up 2 immense flights of stepss, until they get to the top. They must go through through the Hallway to acquire out.

Gollum leads them in at that place, and it is so dark and smelly, they lose Gollum on the manner. They keep traveling on and they get to a bend and they go down the following hallway. They feel like they & # 8217 ; re being watched, so they turn about and see many eyes gazing at them, the eyes come closer and closer.

Then Sam remembers a gift Lady Lothourien gave them. It & # 8217 ; s a star, that lights up when in dark topographic points. Frodo takes it out, and it is reflecting really bright, and he starts continuing once more the eyes with his elfin blade that glows when close immorality. The eyes go back, but there is a new challenge. They get to the terminal of the hallway, but they can & # 8217 ; t acquire out, because there is a immense spider web over the door. Sam & # 8217 ; s regular blade can & # 8217 ; t do anything, but Frodo & # 8217 ; s blade cut the web easy.

They thought, & # 8220 ; what could do a web so large? & # 8221 ; and they got their reply shortly. A HUGE spider comes in the hallway, Sam starts running, go forthing Frodo buttocks. When Sam is looking back, person puts a manus around his cervix and eyes. It was Gollum. They start contending, so Sam gets on things, and is winning, but Gollum runs off. Then he remembers Frodo.

He ran back in the hallway to happen the immense spider over Frodo read to eat him. Sam rushes up, takes Frodo & # 8217 ; s blade, and starts singing at the spider. Sam isn & # 8217 ; t good plenty, and it acquire & # 8217 ; s a sting at Frodo & # 8217 ; s cervix before it & # 8217 ; s dead. Sam saw that he was dead now. He left him there and went out of the hallway. He so hears Orcs, coming from in forepart and back. Sam puts on the ring and corsets low.

He overhears the Orcs, stating that Frodo isn & # 8217 ; t truly dead, and he will retrieve in a twosome of hours. Sam so runs after them, but they dissapear. That ends this portion of the series.