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Designation of tasks is vital in the success of the operations in an organization.  Poor organizational structure can cause certain problems that might hinder working in a n efficient and effective way.  In the case of I.M Tycoon, the main objective is to assure that the companies of Harold and Jane will still have healthy financial status.

Delux Machine Tool can be considered as one of the good players in the industry of automotives.  Based from the current organizational structure, there are four divisions namely production, sales, finance and research and development.  The tasks from the sales division should be narrowed down.  Thus, the tasks per region should be distributed and handled by all divisions.  Each region must have the four divisions to cover business functions. The Research and Development division should conduct a thorough market study to know if launching RoboTool is feasible.  At the same time, the finance division should coordinate with the research division to know the expenses in production.  As for the case of Safe Buy Insurance Co., the organization lacks centralization of command. The president handles all the agencies directly.  The managers should be handled by at least two heads who are not local people but those who came from the home office.  Lastly, the organizational structure for MicroAge Software should be amended by adding vice presidents for other business tasks and not just be solely handles by the Vice President for Operations.  The heads per division should be knowledgeable in both business and technical aspects.

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Delux Tool


Delux Tool

R and D officers
R and D

Production for all regions (N, S, E ,W)






*assume that all positions are provided for all regions

*N- north

* W- west

*E -east

*S- south



Safe Buy Insurance Co.



1st agency cluster

2nd agency cluster






*assume that the tasks of the home office are performed by all agencies

















MicroAge Computer Organization Chart

MicroAge CEO

Mail order/ website sales