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Drivers can be divided into three different classs: the Sunday drivers. who pay more attending to what is on the side of the roads than what is behind or in forepart of them. the velocity devils. who merely care about themselves and nil else around them. and the normal jurisprudence staying citizen. who obeys all velocity bounds and regulations that apply to our main roads. Every driver’s intent is the same. which is to acquire from point A to point B in a timely mode. Unfortunately. non all drivers go about making this the same manner. ensuing in unsafe main roads all over the universe!

Sunday Drivers. the first type of drivers are the worst type of drivers on the route because they do non pay attending to what is traveling on around them. “They see all of us — bobbing and weaving in their rearview mirror. seeking to happen a spread between the lanes large plenty so we may be able to steal through and travel on with our lives. But nooooooooo — these wrongdoers don’t feel obligated to travel any faster and they refuse to travel over to the right because in their holier-than-thou heads. they’re traveling fast plenty for all of us. ( Granderson. 2011 ) These drivers are the 1s who are in the fast lanes making five to twenty stat mis under the velocity bound and will non travel out of anyone’s ways because they are excessively busy looking around the sides of the main roads. A Sunday driver is the 1 that is seen traveling down the route for stat mis with bend signals on because he or she is non paying attending to driving. They are besides the 1s who are one stat mi up the route doing a immense line of traffic to endorse up. These people are really unsafe and if crossed by one of these drivers on our main roads watch out.

Speed Demons. or the following type are insecure drivers. they break the velocity bounds by more 10 stat mis or over everyplace they go and most know that they can acquire off with at least 10 over. Harmonizing to a study from the Governors Highway Safety Association says. “That 42 provinces allow drivers to transcend posted speed bounds of up to 10 miles per hour before drawing them over for rushing. ” ( ENG. 2005 ) These people are ever tardily to where they are seeking to travel. so they have to drive manner over the velocity bound to acquire to where they are traveling on clip.

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These people are the 1s who will tailgate for stat mis even when the individual they are tailgating can non acquire out of their manner. Speed devils are besides unsafe on the roads because they do non care about anyone else but themselves ; they are in a haste and are focused on acquiring to where they are traveling on clip. They are really alert while driving fast. but they cut people off at the last 2nd. doing that individual to lock up their interruptions and do a wreck. Watch out for this type of individual. it is best to merely seek to acquire out of their manner and allow them acquire on down the route.

Law staying citizens. the last type are the safest drivers on our main roads. They normally go the velocity bound. or at most five stat mis over. utilize turn signals right. and alteration lanes safely. These people do non do backups. and they do non sit in the fast lane unless they are traveling around a Sunday driver. These people make certain they leave point A in adequate clip to acquire to indicate B on clip and in a safely mode. If everyone would merely stay by the regulations. we would non hold as many wrecks or traffic backups on our main roads.

Law hatchet mans make these regulations for a ground. and people need to larn to follow them so that our main roads will flux much smoother. easier. and safer. Harmonizing to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “over 42. 000 people die as the consequence of traffic clangs each twelvemonth on our nation’s main roads and 100s of 1000s are earnestly injured. ” ( Speeding and Speed Limits ) If more people would obey the Torahs of the route possibly we could acquire this figure lowered!

I am certain everyone is guilty of being a Sunday driver or rushing every one time in a piece but for the most portion. people need to obey the regulations of our main roads. They are at that place for a truly good ground. For the most portion. I would hold to state I obey the Torahs of the route. I used to rush boulder clay I got a four hundred dollar ticket one twenty-four hours and of all time since so. I have ever tried to put my sail control between the velocity bound and five stat mis over. I make certain I use my bend signal to alter lanes. and I watch to do certain others are non altering at the same clip. So the inquiry is which type of driver are you?